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American Family Children's Hospital

Investing in Your Future at UW Medical Foundation

Work with UW Medical Foundation today and we'll help you invest for your tomorrow with the following programs.

Man working at computer401(k)

Provide for your retirement years with this great pre-tax option managed entirely by you. A wide variety of funds are available along with 24-hour Web access to your account. You are eligible to participate in the plan the first of the month following one month of employment.

Pension/Profit Sharing

Live for today. We'll help you plan for the future by providing an annual contribution of 8 to 10 percent of your gross annual wages into your retirement account.

Retirement Planning

Teacher and studentsFor a smooth transition into an enjoyable retirement, financial planners are available for consultation at no cost to you.

Tuition Reimbursement

Receive financial assistance for those classes you always wanted to take, and earn that degree you deserve. UW Medical Foundation provides up to $2,500 per year in tuition reimbursement.

Learning and Development

Do you love to learn? We do, too! Our Learning and Development team provides UW Medical Foundation employees with a variety of services, including professional development classes, customized department/site in-services, individual needs assessments, coaching and development plans a resource library and more.

Career Planning

We realize career goals and needs can change. When this happens, we're happy to assist you in finding the fit within UW Medical Foundation to best support your individual mission. Our goal is to organize people around what they can do, and more importantly around what they want to do.