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American Family Children's Hospital

Focus on Leadership Development

"The team learning session really emphasized the importance of teamwork. I absolutely loved the maze activity and realized that when I’m really struggling with a particular issue, I might need to take a step back in order to keep myself moving forward."

Leadership Development Program Attendee

UW Medical Foundation: Best Organization for Leadership Development logoUW Medical Foundation understands that in order to truly deliver exceptional health care, we must continually develop clinically and professionally.


Leadership development opportunities are one way UW Medical Foundation ensures its employees have the tools and resources they need to succeed.


Our leadership development programming offers the following multifaceted, comprehensive learning opportunities designed to foster health care leadership.


Career Planning/Advising


We can help you explore career pathways within UW Medical Foundation and discuss available opportunities, resume and cover letter development, and interviewing skills. We can also assist with the identification of gaps that exist between the skill you have and the skills that are needed for various positions.




Two participants in UW Medical Foundation's Leadership Development ProgramCareer coaching, executive coaching and life coaching are unique services provided by both internal and external professionals. We're happy to connect you with individuals who can help you explore other careers within our organization.


Foundations of Management


The Foundations of Management (FOM) program is a multifaceted, comprehensive learning opportunity designed to enhance participants' knowledge, skills, abilities and other characteristics necessary for future success in management roles. The year-long program focuses on global and organization-specific leadership issues and trends.


Dr. Jeffrey Grossman in Foundation's of Management, a UW Medical Foundation development program

Leadership Development Program


The UW Medical Foundation Leadership Development Program (LDP) is an initiative that offers multifaceted, comprehensive learning opportunities designed to foster health care leadership. The program is centered upon core competencies that will assist individuals in developing and enhancing their leadership abilities.



Leading Learning Organizations


Building a learning organization involves the development of "systems thinkers" who commit to their own personal learning journeys and become collaborative partners on the journeys of those around them.


The Leading Learning Organization program analyzes the Five Disciplines of a Learning Organization (Personal Mastery, Mental Models, Shared Vision, Team Learning and Systems Thinking) to help participants better understand what it means to build and be part of a "Learning Organization."