Employee Profiles: Colleen, Sonographer

Colleen is a Sonographer who works for UW Medical Foundation.


Colleen Wilson, SonographerI have been a medical imaging professional for 26 years specializing in ultrasound. In 1994, I was an ultrasonographer in a private radiology practice. Abruptly the office closed and I found myself unemployed. Being a wife and mom I wanted good benefits in a clinical setting. UW Medical Foundation appealed to me because of the day shifts and no nights, weekends or call responsibilities. Juggling life and career is demanding. Being there for my family is beyond value.

My role as an Ultrasonographer is to produce high-quality, two-dimensional images for radiologist interpretation by following standard scanning guidelines and protocols and tailoring each examination to document pathology and disease processes. I am responsible for a written summary of findings before discussing the differential diagnoses with a radiologist.

The UW Medical Foundation Ultrasound Department has recently expanded to better accommodate our patients. UW Medical Foundation is very supportive, providing state-of-the-art equipment. Image storage has been digital for several years. When new ultrasound technology is introduced, the radiologists and ultrasonographers are trained and educated together. Being a teaching facility, we assist in clinical instruction for the UW Hospital School of Diagnostic Sonography, of which I am a member of the Advisory Board.

I actively embrace the UW Medical Foundation position in providing the greatest patient care and customer satisfaction. After all, health care service is all about the patient.