Working at UW Hospitals and Clinics - Employee Recognition and Appreciation

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Employee recognition, appreciation and involvement is an important part of UW Hospitals and Clinics’ culture. A variety of recognition and appreciation programs and events have been designed to create a culture of thanks, congratulations, recognition and rewards.


Employee Appreciation Week


A fun-filled week held annually in June at the end of our fiscal year, this week includes many festivities and activities celebrating our employees. 


Employee of the Month


A peer-nominated recognition we celebrate each month is the Employee of the Month award. Posters with pictures of the employee are hung throughout different UW Hospitals and Clinics site locations to celebrate and honor the employee. In addition, a reception is held at the employee's worksite for all of their co-workers and family and friends to attend.


Employee Appreciation Events


A variety of fun events are hosted throughout the year to show appreciation to employees. We've hosted a Day at the Zoo, Kickball Tournament, Bowling Event, Chicago Shopping Trip and more.


Seniority Recognition


UW Hospitals and Clinics has a high percentage of employees who have committed decades of service to our organization. Employees are recognized at every five years of service with a certificate, gift and reception in their honor.


Recognition Toolkit


Managers have access to a variety of small gifts in our recognition toolkit to reward employees who really go above and beyond.