Employee Profiles: Andrew

Andrew is a Environmental Services Supervisor who has been with UW Hospitals and Clinics since June 2004.
How would you describe what you do at UW Hospitals and Clinics?
I direct employees in the cleaning of the hospital. This includes everything from hallway floor care to the cleaning of operating rooms. I am also responsible for the appearance of the outside of the facility, Andrew, Environmental Services Supervisor, UW Hospital and Clinicswhich includes the care of the lawn, gardens and, in the winter, snow removal. I also serve as a liaison between our department and the various units that we provide service for.
Why UW Hospitals and Clinics?
I enjoy working with people and providing service to people who need help, whether it is a patient, the patient's family or my direct employees. Even though I'm not in patient care, I feel good about what I do to impact patients' stay at UW Hospitals and Clinics.
What is most exciting project you've worked on?
That has to be the opening of the American Family Children's Hospital. It was amazing to see the facility get cleaned up after the construction was done. I had never been involved the opening of such a major project and it made me proud of the fact that I had a small part in creating such a beautiful and incredible place for kids!
Talk about the culture at UW Hospitals and Clinics.
Fantastic, varied, worldly. I have met people from every part of the earth, many whom I could never have imagined before I came to work at UW Hospitals and Clinics. It is hard to express what it means when you arrive at work and someone greets you warmly and you know they mean it. You see visitors, patients and employees sharing in every emotion that there is and it touches you in a very special way. I always thought I had a big heart and now I know for certain that I do. And the funny part is, there are 7,000 other people that I work with who do, too. It is nice to be among friends.