Why Partners Health Center

Partners Health Center is committed to improving workforce health while decreasing employer costs. We offer small to mid-size employers access to our employer-based clinic model with no minimum number of members.

Partners Health Center provides direct-to-employee primary care at a location close to work and home. More than 60 local employers in the Stateline area offer the Partners Health model to their employees and family members.

By bringing healthcare closer to your employees, you can:

  • Offer direct healthcare based on the needs of members and their families

  • Address rising healthcare costs

  • Help employees make healthy lifestyle changes

  • Increase employee satisfaction and retention

  • Decrease employee time away from work

In addition to Partners Health Center, we also offer employer-branded clinics for large employers (minimum 1,500 employees + family members insured). Contact us for more information.


Our results prove the value of our approach to employer-sponsored health clinics. A two-year independent review showed the following:

Cost reduction

  • The total allowed annual costs per member for Employer-Based Clinic (EBC) participants decreased by 7.3%.

  • Costs associated with chronic conditions decreased by 45% for enrolled patients

  • The prescription cost decreased by $17 per member from year one to year two

  • Costs associated with chronic back pain decreased by 50%

  • Costs associated with hypertension decreased by 50%

  • Costs associated with diabetes decreased by 40%

Decreased utilization/increased compliance

  • 16.9% reduction in chronic disease management claims

  • 11.7% reduction in specialty care utilization

  • 13.2% reduction in emergency department utilization

  • 9.3% reduction in hospital inpatient days

  • Compliance rates improved for preventative exams including colorectal, pelvic and breast

  • Drug adherence improved for key conditions including hypertension, cholesterol and diabetes

  • Patients averaged 5 visits per year versus the national average of 2.5 visits per year

Patient satisfaction

  • Achieved 98% patient satisfaction rate since inception (Press Ganey survey)

The difference

Employer-based clinic model

We are designed to fully engage patients in primary care and offer:

  • Full spectrum primary care

  • Physician-led services

  • Enhanced support staff

  • Immediate access to clinicians for acute care health issues

  • No copayment, deductible or out of pocket expense charged to enrollees

  • Longer, more comprehensive appointments

  • Smaller patient panel sizes

  • Increased focus on wellness and prevention

We offer a per-member per-month (PMPM) fee structure:

  • Pay only for those enrolled (full spectrum primary care model)

  • No initiation or sign-on costs

  • Partners Health Center is a replacement cost to the health plan

We implement an effective service model:

  • Designed to fully engage patients in their care to improve service satisfaction, improve health outcomes and reduce health plan costs

  • Proven outcomes with reduced inpatient, emergency room and specialty care visits

  • Functions as a health plan replacement cost

By working with a local partner, you receive:

  • Improved accountability with a local and on-site management team

  • Access to all health system expertise and resources

  • Assurance that service isn’t halted due to position vacancies

  • Shared electronic medical records within the UW Health system (formerly SwedishAmerican)

  • Opportunity for you and/or consultant to participate in a local advisory council


Primary care and support services

We offer your employees and their family members comprehensive primary care and support services. Having all clinicians located at Partners Health Center provides patients with accessibility to all clinical staff in one location. The co-location of the clinical staff also allows for more efficient care management and team-based appointments with the patient.

Primary care services

  • Covered services included in the model with no copay, deductible or out of pocket expense

  • Primary care office visits (preventive, acute, chronic disease management), laboratory, office-based x-rays, nursing visits, immunizations/vaccinations, limited dispensing of commonly prescribed acute medications

Support services

Care Coordinator

The care coordinator is a registered nurse who works with patients who are currently managing or at risk for chronic disease. The care coordinator works individually with the patient and in consultation with the provider to help each patient work toward effective management and improvement of their chronic health issues.

Care Navigator

The care navigator works with the patient to schedule appointments at Partners Health Center and helps patients manage any referrals outside of the primary care setting.

Health Coach

The health coach is a registered dietician who works with patients to assist with reaching their goals of a healthier lifestyle.

Wellness Services

  • Annual Health Risk Assessment

  • Annual biometric screening and labs

  • Wellness education

  • Monthly wellness activities at Partners Health Center including chair massage and fitness classes

Partners Health Center difference

Partners Health Center is not available to the public. This clinic is only available to employers who chose to offer access to their employees and/or family members for their primary care benefit.

Partners Health Center patients experience longer appointment times due to smaller patient panel sizes, an integrated care management team, same day access for acute care issues, a limited number of on-site medications and additional support in navigating the healthcare and insurance systems.

Patients have unlimited access to a registered nurse for chronic disease support, a behavioral health professional to address any individual therapy needs, a registered dietician/health coach to assist patients with reaching their desired lifestyle changes and a care navigator who helps patients with scheduling and navigation through their insurance plans.


Care close to home and work


Learn more

For questions about accessing Partners Health Center for your members and clients:

Kelly Dinsmore
Director of Business Development

For operational questions:

Erin Smith
Director of Employer-Based Services and UW Health Corporate Wellness