Personal Training

Personal training at the Center for Wellness provides you with safe exercise guidance and instruction from a certified fitness professional.


Your trainer will work by your side, whether you are interested in starting or enhancing your exercise program, losing weight, building strength or improving your quality of life. We can help you meet realistic fitness goals, create accountability and achieve results.


Your personal training services will include:

  • One-on-one fitness consult and assessment
  • Personalized exercise prescription
  • Varied exercise environments such as pool or weight room
  • Programming safe for those with medical conditions
  • Exercise plans for weight maintenance
  • Accountability in developing and sustaining healthy choices

Package Options


Fitness Consultation and Assessment

  • 90 minutes: $70.
  • Includes fitness testing and an exercise plan.
  • Designed for the individual who wants to exercise on their own, but seeks initial guidance and testing.

Training Packages

  • New participants: The initial visit will include a 90-minute fitness consultation, health assessment, exercise prescription and brief workout.
  • Returning clients: A 15-minute health and fitness review will be included the first 60-minute session of your new package.
  • Training sessions will be 60 minutes in length.


  Individual Partner*
5 sessions $325 $187.50 per person
10 sessions $600 $350 per person


* Partner training includes you and one other person who is at a similar fitness level. Each of you will have independent initial consultations and will then train together benefiting from the support of each other as well as your trainer. Your personal trainer reserves the right to approve the partnership.


Measureable Outcomes


Your goal is our objective. From start to finish, we help fuel your motivation by measuring your progress in attaining your goals.


Experienced, Certified Fitness Professionals


Our trainers are certified through nationally recognized organizations and keep current with the latest fitness research and trends through continuing education.


Meet Our Trainers