Top 10 Reasons to Come to the Women's Pelvic Wellness Clinic

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Why should you consider making an appointment at the UW Health Women's Pelvic Wellness Clinic in Madison, Wisconsin? Here are the top 10 reasons to visit our multidisciplinary clinic:

  1. The Women's Pelvic Wellness Clinic is a one-stop clinic for diagnosing and treating all of a patient's pelvic health needs. It is the only program in Wisconsin that combines urology, urogynecology, colorectal surgery and pelvic floor physical therapy.

  2. The physicians in the clinic are fellowship-trained in female pelvic medicine and reconstructive surgery, sometimes referred to as urogynecology. This means they have received additional training and experience in the evaluation and treatment on conditions that affect the female pelvic organs.

  3. Thanks to the team approach of the physicians and staff at this clinic, the specialists are able to collaborate to better diagnose problems and offer treatment.

  4. We offer a full range of treatments, including learning how to strength pelvic floor muscles in collaboration with a team of pelvic floor physical therapists.

  5. An integral part of the treatment process may include pelvic floor physical therapy with biofeedback. The team of pelvic floor physical therapists will work with patients to examine the spine and lower extremities, perform a biofeedback assessment of the pelvic floor and abdominal muscles and an internal pelvic floor assessment, and provide education and initiation of a home program of exercise.

  6. Typically, a woman might have to see a gynecologist for one problem, a urologist for another and a gastroenterologist for another. That is not the case here. These specialists have been specifically trained to be able to assess and treat the entire pelvic region, including the uterus, bladder, vagina and rectum; and, working together, can help streamline care.

  7. We provide in-house testing for women's pelvic health and wellness. We have advanced testing equipment in our clinic to provide you with the convenience and comfort of being able to have all of your testing done in one location.

  8. This program conservatively addresses concerns such as pelvic organ prolapse, bladder and bowel control, and other pelvic health disorders at one group appointment instead of having to schedule appointments with multiple specialists.

  9. Pelvic floor disorders affect women of all ages. Many women believe these issues are a normal consequence of aging. Instead of hiding their condition, patients can schedule an appointment with this clinic to have those concerns addressed and can get back to living a normal life.

  10. As the population ages, it is projected more than 43 million women will suffer from some type of pelvic floor disorder. The Women's Pelvic Wellness Clinic is prepared to meet the complex needs of patients with compassionate care, expert diagnosis and specialized treatment options.