Specific missions of the Wisconsin Institute for Sleep and Consciousness include the following:

  • Facilitate and enhance basic and clinical sleep research within the UW campus.
  • Develop new technology for the study of sleep and sleep disorders through the translation of new neurophysiological recording techniques, such as high resolution EEG, transcranial magnetic stimulation and/or brain imaging, and noninvasive cardiovascular and respiratory monitoring.
  • Coordinate educational efforts in basic sleep science and sleep medicine, including outreach to healthcare providers throughout the region.
  • Address areas of public policy relevant to sleep and sleep disorders, such as prevention of sleep deprivation.
  • Provide community education and outreach related to sleep and health.
  • Provide outstanding clinical care to patients with sleep disorders including outpatient services and diagnostic laboratory testing. 

To learn more about participation in clinical research studies, please visit the current Sleep Medicine Studies page to see what is currently available. Please contact the associated coordinator if you are interested in potentially participating in a clinical research study.


The Wisconsin Institute for Sleep and Consciousness is currently seeking research subjects for its ongoing studies. Depending on the particular study, subjects may be eligible to receive compensation for their time. If you are interested in participating and want to find out more, please visit the Current Studies page on the WISC website.