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Q: How do I choose a doctor?

A: Contact the Welcome Center for assistance:

Q: What is the Welcome Center?
A: The Welcome Center is a team of primary care physician referral specialists, social workers and nurses who will assist new patients transitioning to UW Health. Please visit for more information.


Q: How do I transfer my medical records?
A: The Welcome Center staff will assist you in transferring your records. You may need to sign a release of information (pdf).


Q: Will my insurance cover UW Health providers?
A: Please contact your insurance company to ensure that UW Health providers are within your network.


Q: Will I have access to my medical records?
A: Please visit to learn more about UW Health MyChart, our secure internet-based service allows you to have access to your medical records, test results and communicate with your clinic team. If you would like to receive a paper copy of the medical record, please complete and submit an authorization for release of medical information form.


Q: Why do I need a primary care physician?
A: It is important for all UW Health patients to have a Primary Care Physician (PCP). You and your PCP will work together to coordinate your care.


Q: Should I schedule my physical now?
A: One of the most important changes in our recommendations relates to the "annual physical." A head-to-toe physical examination for someone without symptoms has never been proven to extend life or decrease illness or discomfort. Your first appointment with your Primary Care Physician (PCP) should be based on your particular needs. If your previous PCP has recommended a certain timeframe in which to receive care, schedule your appointments based on that timeframe. You can then work with your new PCP to determine when you need care.


Q: How will you address my preventive care needs?
A: Screening/Prevention: Wellness (and health promotion) is key to the overall plan for your care. Preventive care and screening tests help find health concerns early before they become major problems. The frequency of screening tests or exams is determined by your age and your personal and family health history. Your care team members regularly check to see if you are due for screening tests or exams. If you are due for a test someone from your care team will notify you by telephone, MyChart message or letter.


Q: What if I'm sick and have an immediate care need?
A: Acute Care Visit: If you have urgent needs, please inform the clinic scheduler. Typically, the scheduler will take a message for the nurse who will return your call to review your care options with you.


Q: What is a "Care Team?"
A: We are happy to offer you a team approach to meet your health care needs. Each patient has a "care team" of staff and providers who are focused on partnering with you. The care team includes you, the physician, nurse, medical assistant and receptionist. Your care team may also include a nurse practitioner, physician assistant, social worker, resident physician, pharmacist or others.


Q: How do I refill my prescriptions?
A: If you have remaining refills, you may be able to fill them (check with your insurance formulary if you have a new insurance). The Welcome Center can help coordinate refills and necessary appointments for new patients if needed.


Q: How should I prepare for my clinic appointment?
A: We want you to get the most out of your clinic appointment. Please refer to our tips to better prepare for your appointment.


Q: How long will it take to see my Primary Care Team?
A: It will depend on your needs. Please call the Welcome Center at (608) 821-4819 for assistance in arranging for your first appointment.


Q: Do you have clinics that are open evenings or weekends?
A: Please refer to Locations and Maps for clinic hours. UW Health has two Urgent Care Clinics.


Q: My clinic is closed and I have an urgent care need?
A: In the event of an emergency, call 911. For urgent questions or concerns, please call your primary care clinic phone number. We have staff available 24/7.


Q: Do I need to have the same physician as my family members?
A: No. To better accommodate your family members' needs, it might be more convenient for one physician to know your family history and care for you, but it is not necessary for each family member to see the same physician.


Q: What is the difference between Internal Medicine (IM), Family Medicine (FM), Pediatricians and Geriatricians?
A: For more information, visit our Internal Medicine, Family Medicine, Pediatric and Geriatric web pages.

Q: How much is my visit going to cost?

A: It can be hard to know ahead of time exactly how much you'll be charged for a visit. Charges are based on such things as time spent with the clinician, services ordered, diagnoses associated with those services and supplies that are used. To help our patients, UW Health offers an estimate service called Priceline. You may call UW Hospital and Clinics Priceline at (608) 263-1507 or the UW Medical Foundation Priceline at (608) 829-5637.

Q: When will my copay be collected?
A: Copays will be collected when you check-in. Payments can be made via cash, check or credit card.