talking on the phoneThe voice experts at UW Health are internationally recognized for excellence in research, diagnosis and treatment of a wide variety of voice disorders.
Our holistic approach to voice care recognizes the wide range of factors that can affect vocal function, and is enhanced by our close collaboration with colleagues in other medical specialties.
Voice Concerns
Common voice concerns include:
  • Hoarseness
  • Scratchy, weak or breathy voice
  • Difficulty with loudness
  • Pain or discomfort with speaking or singing
  • Change in singing voice
  • Increased effort to talk
  • Frequent laryngitis
  • Voice fatigue (worsening voice quality or discomfort with voice use)
  • Changes in voice after trauma or surgery to the neck, throat or larynx

Voice disorders can be caused by a variety of factors and are frequently related, but not limited  to vocal nodules, polyps, cysts, granulomas, cancer, papilloma, vocal fold paralysis, vocal edema (swelling), muscle tension dysphonia or other changes to the vocal folds and how they move or vibrate.


Common Conditions

Voice Treatments


The health care providers at UW Health's Voice and Swallowing Clinics provide a wide range of general and specialized care for the voice. 


Learn how UW Health Voice and Swallowing Clinics treat voice problems