Comprehensive Voice Evaluation

UW Health Voice and Swallowing: doctor with patientUW Health voice specialists serve a wide range of patients. Whether the patient is a professional opera singer, a public school teacher, or an active retired person, each patient places unique demands on the voice.
About Voice Evaluations

We perform comprehensive voice evaluations, which can include taking a history of the problem, visualization of the vocal folds, analysis of vocal sound and airflow, physical examination and trial therapies.
What happens during a voice evaluation?
A typical evaluation may include:
  • A thorough review of the history of the patient's concern, as well as any medical, surgical, lifestyle, occupational, or emotional factors that might be related to the voice problem
  • Observing the vocal folds with a camera and specialized light source, called videostroboscopy
  • Observing the vocal folds with a high speed camera
  • Analysis of the sound of the patient's voice (acoustic analysis)
  • Analysis of airflow and air pressure during voice production (aerodynamic analysis)
  • Manual assessment of tension in the muscles used to produce voice
  • Trial therapy to help predict success and to determine the best method of therapy for the individual patient
  • Other tests may be scheduled, as determined by your voice care team. This team initially includes an otolaryngologist and a speech-language pathologist, but may also include nursing, pulmonology, asthma/allergy, neurology, gastroenterology, audiology, psychology or radiology specialists.

Our staff also includes experienced acting coaches and singing teachers (including members of the National Association of Teachers of Singing), whose skills are utilized as needed.