Other Support and Patient Care Staff

Your health care team will also involve a number of other health care professionals.

During each shift, a registered nurse (RN) assumes responsibility for your care. She/he will help you understand your condition, any tests and procedures you have while you are a patient, and what you need to know to take care of yourself when you are discharged. The RN also will communicate your concerns and progress to the next shift of nursing staff.
Because health care is highly specialized, your health care team also may include clinical dietitians, pharmacists, respiratory therapists who provide tests and services to assist breathing, and volunteers.

In addition to the registered nurse assigned to you each shift, other providers may assist you during your stay:
  • A case manager associate frequently assists patients with discharge needs such as transportation or arranging for medical equipment.
  • A clinical social worker works with the case manager to provide social services such as counseling, referrals to community agencies, help with complex legal and financial issues, and support to patients and families as requested.
  • A clinical nurse manager is a registered nurse and an expert in an area of specialty nursing care who directs the planning, implementation and patient care operations on a specific patient unit. This nurse is responsible for coordinating care to help ensure quality and is also available to help resolve any problems you might encounter.
  • A care team leader is an experienced registered nurse who collaborates with the case manager and clinical nurse manger to plan, direct and evaluate the care provided to patients and their families. This nurse leads a team of other nursing staff to provide care for a group of patients.