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2/21/2018Crash Landing: Coping With Post-Event Blues
2/21/2018Tips to Help You Prepare for Emergencies
2/07/2018The Skinny on Saturated Fat
2/02/2018Understanding High Blood Pressure
1/26/2018RED-S Syndrome: What Athletes Need to Know
1/25/2018How to Stay in the Driver's Seat of Your Life
1/25/2018Is it Influenza or an Influenza-Like Illness?
1/25/2018Preparing for the Future When You Have a Chronic Health Condition
1/17/2018The Facets of Fitness
1/17/2018Where Have Your Resolutions Gone?
1/03/2018Science and Social Support Win When Ranking the Best Diets
12/12/2017How to Cope When the Holidays Aren't Merry
12/08/2017Give the Gift of Mindfulness This Holiday
11/16/2017Understanding Macular Degeneration
11/15/2017How Much Vitamin D Do You Really Need?
11/15/2017Thanksgiving Tips for Heart Health
11/08/2017At-Home Genetic Testing: Is It Right for You?
11/08/2017Ten Tips for Holiday Travel for Cancer Patients
10/25/2017The Three Best and Worst Things You Can Do for Your Heart
10/24/2017The Healing Potential of Group Medical Visits
10/23/2017The Connection Between Exercise and Brain Health
10/16/2017Sauna-Induced Sweating Offers Many Health Benefits
10/11/2017The Rules of Recovery Drinks
10/03/2017Finding Hope During Tough Times
10/03/2017How a Mantra Can Help Your Health
10/03/2017The Ratio for Positive Relationships
10/02/2017Why Routine Eye Exams are Important
9/27/2017How to Measure the Effectiveness of Your Workout
9/19/2017The Right Way to Treat Burns
9/18/2017Understanding the Basics of Skin Care
9/12/2017Building Better Boundaries
9/06/2017Laughter Really Can be the Best Medicine
8/24/2017Trigger Point Dry Needling: On-Point Pain Relief
8/11/2017Don't Look Directly at the Sun and Other Eclipse Watching Tips
7/21/2017CrossFit - A Physical Therapist's Perspective
6/22/2017Get and Grow Your Grit - The Psychology of Mental Toughness
6/21/2017Do Some Foods Live Up to Their Hype?
6/21/2017Forget Exercise - Just Get Moving
6/20/2017What You Need to Know About Low Testosterone
6/16/2017Understanding Your Cholesterol and How to Lower It
5/17/2017Fitting Exercise Into Your Workday
5/15/2017Acupuncture for Athletes
5/15/2017Bouncing Back from Burnout
5/12/2017Keeping Skin Safe in the Summer
5/12/2017Using Foam Rollers to Loosen Your "Guitar Strings"
5/08/2017Mental Health Risks Higher for LGBTQ People
5/03/2017Coping With Anxiety at the End of Cancer Treatment
4/24/2017The Benefits of a Bike Fit
4/21/2017How Others Influence Your Happiness
4/20/2017Are Foods Labeled Healthy Actually Healthy?
4/18/2017The Benefits of Going to the Gym
3/21/2017The Surprising Benefit of Going Through Difficult Times
3/21/2017What Do You Need to Know About Your Family Health History?
3/20/2017Working Out on Vacation
3/19/2017Starting a Running Routine
3/06/2017Get Ready for Spring with These Fitness Tips
2/22/2017Feeling Lonely? Generate Your Own Warmth
2/22/2017The Building Blocks of a Heart-Healthy Breakfast
2/21/2017What to Think About When Daring to Go Bare
1/19/2017Creating New Healthy Habits
1/18/2017Getting a Good Workout at Home
1/18/2017Putting a New Spin on Superfoods
1/17/2017Setting Realistic Goals When Returning to Exercise
1/17/2017The Pool's Not Frozen: Swimming for Exercise
12/16/2016Dementia and the Risk of Falls
12/14/2016How to Avoid Frostbite
12/13/2016Outdoor Exercise Options in the Winter
12/12/2016Preventing Chronic Neck Pain
12/05/2016Crafting a Solution to Hobby-Related Hand Pain
11/23/2016Eyes, Ears and Aging
11/15/2016How Should I Eat While Recovering from My Sports Injury?
11/14/2016Helping Those Who Help Others
11/14/2016Tips to Stay on Track During the Holidays
11/14/2016What Research Says About Preventing Alzheimer's
11/05/2016Going Beyond Pumpkin Pie
11/03/2016Transitioning Through Life
10/28/2016How Setting the Clock Back Affects Your Health
10/18/2016The Connection Between Emotions and Your Heart Health
10/17/2016Exercise Options for People with Limited Mobility
10/13/2016The Benefits of Group Exercise
10/11/2016Why Confidence Matters
9/13/2016Coffee Perks: Coffee Can be Part of a Healthy Lifestyle
9/13/2016Is It OK to Work Out When I'm Sick?
8/19/2016Keeping Your Skin Healthy as You Age
8/17/2016Exercise and Acne - How to Balance the Breakouts
8/16/2016How Many Calories Did You Really Burn?
8/11/2016Men's Health: Are Moles with Hair Cancerous?
8/10/2016Back Pain? What's Good for the Heart is Good for the Spine
8/10/2016Good Skin Health in Your 30s, 40s, 50s and Beyond
8/09/2016Worried About Your Thyroid? Start with Your Family Doctor
7/27/2016The Power of Presence
7/19/2016Why You Should Combine Certain Foods
7/18/2016Hair Care Advice We Can All Use
6/22/2016How to Avoid Medication Interactions As You Age
6/16/2016How Much Sodium Should You Consume?
6/10/2016Why Adults Should Get Out and Play
6/09/2016Are You Healthy Enough for Sex?
5/25/2016Ticks in Wisconsin: What to Know and How to Stay Healthy
5/23/2016Creating a Happy Home Life
5/19/2016Four Myths About Kidney Stones
5/19/2016Is the Mediterranean Diet Truly the Best Choice?
4/22/2016Preventing ACL Injuries in Female Athletes
4/21/2016Take a Peek Into a Cardiologist's Pantry
4/20/2016Q and A with Health Coach Katie Schwartz
4/19/2016Five Common Freestyle Errors and How to Fix Them
4/19/2016Making the Most of Menopause
4/14/2016Eight Things You Should Know About Aging
4/13/2016The Benefits of Journaling
3/22/2016Think Before You Ink
3/21/2016Facing the Fats: What's Best for a Heart-Healthy Diet
3/21/2016Four Reasons You Should Use Up Your Vacation Time
3/15/2016Dynamic Stretching Versus Static Stretching
3/14/2016A Personal Journey: Putting Sport Psychology to the Test
3/10/2016Why You Shouldn't Ignore Stroke Symptoms
3/08/2016Fitness As We Age
3/08/2016Five Reasons to Incorporate Yoga Into Your Fitness Program
3/03/2016Elizabethkingia Q&A with UW Health Infectious Disease Specialist Nasia Safdar
2/26/2016How to Manage the Cold and Flu
2/23/2016Training for a Race: When to Rest, When to Seek Care
2/22/2016Finding Good Deals on Workout Clothes
2/22/2016Help for Chapped and Dry Lips
2/12/2016Learning the Languages of Love
2/11/2016Do Anti-Inflammatory Diets Really Help?
2/11/2016Five Myths About Heart Disease
2/11/2016Zika Q&A with UW Health Infectious Disease Specialist Nasia Safdar
2/09/2016Should Athletes Take Supplements?
2/08/2016Is 20 Minutes of Exercise Enough?
2/05/2016Sexual Health After a Cancer Diagnosis
1/19/2016Is Seaweed Good for Your Heart?
1/15/2016Are Express Workouts Effective?
1/15/2016Debunking the Myths of Aging
1/15/2016Why Do You Want to be Healthy?
1/13/2016Why You Should Choose Courage Over Comfort
1/12/2016The Benefits of Sport Massage
1/08/2016Small Changes Add Up When Living with Type 2 Diabetes
1/05/2016Core Workouts for Winter Sports
12/14/2015When is the Ideal Time to Work Out?
12/10/2015Keeping Your Heart Healthy During the Holidays
11/25/2015Give the Gift of Fitness this Holiday
11/18/2015Preserving Dignity for Loved Ones with Alzheimer's
11/18/2015Take Charge of Your Eating
11/16/2015An Aspirin a Day to Improve Your Heart and Colorectal Health
11/13/2015Bringing Balance to Your Exercise Routine
11/05/2015How to Digest the WHO's Red and Processed Meat Cancer Claims
11/04/2015What to Eat When You're a Vegetarian or Vegan Athlete
10/23/2015Acne and Over-the-Counter Treatments
10/16/2015Stay Safe When You Exercise Outdoors
10/15/2015Snack Fuel: Eating for Performance
10/09/2015Taking Care of Acne-Prone Skin
9/23/2015Don't Fall for Diet Fads
9/23/2015How do you Avoid Salmonella?
9/21/2015Dealing with Peer Pressure When You're an Adult
9/11/2015Acne and Your Diet: How the Glycemic Index Affects Your Skin
8/24/2015Tracking Your Health: There's an App for That
8/17/2015How to Find the Best Health Info Online
7/22/2015Getting Out in Nature is Good for You
7/22/2015Prehabilitation: How to Prep for Post-Op Success
7/09/2015Couch to 5K - What Comes After?
6/17/2015Men's Health: Don't Skip Your Checkup
6/17/2015The New Nutritional Guidelines - What They Mean for You
6/10/2015The Importance of Emotional Intelligence
5/13/2015Finding the Present Moment
5/12/2015Biking Safety Tips
5/12/2015Tips for Shopping at Your Local Farmers Market
5/04/2015Get Ready for Gardening Season
4/13/2015Spring Clean Your Diet
4/13/2015Why You Should Find Awe in the Every Day
3/20/2015Laughter Can Help Your Health
3/19/2015"Tech Neck" Can Trigger Posture Problems
3/19/2015Healthy Aging and Memory Loss
3/19/2015Probiotics and Your Health
3/16/2015Is a Fitness Tracker Right for You?
3/10/2015Tips to Keep Your Kidneys Healthy
12/19/2014Helping People with Alzheimer's Cope during Holiday Gatherings
11/26/2013The Holiday 'Health Check': Adult Children Can Help Aging Parents
11/19/2013Gratitude and Your Health
11/18/2013Creating Your Winter Survival Plan
5/09/2012Finding and Keeping Your Motivation
1/03/2012UW Health Fitness Expert Shows You How to Return to Exercise
10/10/2011Coping with the Winter Blues
4/19/2011Unique Disease, Treatment: New Options for Breast Cancer Surgery
3/22/2010Tips for Planning a Healthy Vacation
12/28/2009Treating Postpartum Depression
11/17/2009Tips for Staying Healthy While Traveling
11/13/2009Portion Size Key to a Healthy Thanksgiving
11/05/2009Free and Clear: A Young Woman's Struggle with Ulcerative Colitis
5/10/2008Know the Signs of a Stroke
1/10/2008With Summer Coming, It's Time to Cover Up