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Where you recover affects how you recover.


There are different avenues for rehabilitation within health care. Rehabilitation typically begins in the acute hospital setting (example: University of Wisconsin Hospital and Clinics) and a recommendation is made regarding what services you may need upon leaving the hospital.


You or your loved one will begin to work with a social worker or case manager to develop your discharge plan - where you will go following your stay at that hospital and what services you may need.


For patients who are able to return directly home, they may be deemed to need either home therapy or outpatient therapy. Home therapy will come to you or your loved ones home a few times a week for the needed therapy (e.g., physical therapy, occupational therapy, or speech and language therapy). If you are able to arrange transportation to and from a clinic, you may be recommended for outpatient therapy. In this setting, you or your loved one will go for therapy to a clinic a few times a week.


If you are deemed to not be able to return directly home from the hospital, they may recommend a few alternative settings. One option is subacute rehabilitation. Subacute rehabilitation is typically a unit within a skilled nursing facility (SNF) that offers about 2 hours of therapy per day, with an average length of stay near 30-40 days. There, your care will be overseen by a physician who will meet with you weekly or perhaps on a monthly basis.

patient and therapist; UW Health Rehabilitation Hospital; Madison, WisconsinUW Health Rehabilitation Hospital is an acute inpatient rehabilitation facility offering the most intensive therapy and medical oversight available to patients that qualify.


Here, patients are seen by therapy for a combined 15 hours per week. For the average patient, it comes down to 3 hours of therapy per day.


Medical care at UW Health Rehabilitation Hospital is overseen by a physiatrist, a doctor of physical medicine and rehabilitation. These physicians will treat the rehabilitative aspects of your care that go along with the diagnosis or injury you have.


You will be seen daily by a physiatrist each day you are at our hospital.


We also have hospitalists on staff to address any acute issues that you may be experiencing. The physiatrist, coupled with any other consulting physicians, provides an intensive and comprehensive medical approach to caring for you or your loved one.


A Unique Rehabilitation Environment


In addition to the quantity and quality of your medical and therapy care, a patient's rehabilitation potential is also affected by the facility and environment in which they choose to recover. UW Health Rehabilitation Hospital provides a unique environment for patients in the course of their rehabilitation.


Inpatient rehabilitation is different from acute hospital care. The focus of our care is wellness and achieving maximum functional independence to help the patient return home as quickly and safely as possible. What we offer at UW Health Rehabilitation Hospital is rehab immersion. Every interaction of the patient throughout the day and night is focused and aimed toward the goals of achieving independence and improving quality of life.


As a patient, you will stay overnight and are served by a team of dedicated rehabilitation physicians, nurses and therapists who specialize in treating your unique condition.


Patients will go to our dining room for meals versus eating in their rooms. Family members and loved ones are welcome to join them for those meals. Our large therapy areas feature high-tech therapy devices and allow for effective and comprehensive treatment of our patients.


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Changing the Way Health Care is Delivered


At UW Health Rehabilitation Hospital, we realize the importance of involving different specialty physicians in the care of our patients. Technology now allows us to bring the physician to the patient, in the comfort of the patient's room.


UW Health Rehabilitation Hospital uses Telehealth, which allows for facility-credentialed physicians to participate in the medical care of their patients. Providers are able to see their patients via live-video communication, are able to access the patient's medical record, share diagnostic imaging and ultimately participate in the treatment plan for their patient. UW Health Rehabiltiation Hospital is looking to facilitate medical care between our patients and their providers.


Our hospital also uses TeleICU for the medical stability of our patients. For patients who may have a medical change in condition during their rehab stay, like Telehealth, our staff and providers can use TeleICU to remotely link in to a team of intensivist (critical care trained) physicians and nurses who can participate in the medical care of our patient at that point in time.


As they are credentialed for our facilities, these critical care providers can access our patient's electronic medical record, communicate via video conferencing with our patient and attending staff, ultimately offering their consulting services at that time - all in the comfort of our patient's room. Our goal is to provide the best medical care for our patients. Our secure lines of communication in Telehealth and TeleICU are helping us improve the quality of our medical care.


The Difference Between Acute and Subacute Rehabilitation


Acue vs. Subacute - What is the difference?


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