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UW Health Rehabilitation Hospital Employees Volunteer at Spinal Cord Injury Event

Several UW Health Rehabilitation Hospital employees volunteered at Middleton Trail Days Middleton, Wisconsin - Madison Spinal Cord Injury participated in the Middleton Trail Days at Parisi Park event on June 4, 2016, supplying three hand cycles (shown below).


These 3-wheeled bikes are propelled by their rider solely by the use of their arms, with their legs resting on foot plates. They also supplied an all-terrain power wheelchair (not shown).


Several UW Health Rehabilitation Hospital employees volunteered to assist with set-up for this event and helping the event-goers transfer from their wheelchairs into the hand cycles when needed. It was a gorgeous day out and participants enjoyed the opportunity to trial these devices.


Hand cycles and all-terrain power wheelchairs are available for public use. Please contact Madison Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) for more information.


Thank you to all who helped and volunteered for this event!


A volunteer operates a hand cycle