Our Facility: A Healing Environment for Rehabilitation

UW Health Rehabilitation Hospital

Main Phone Number:

(608) 592-8100

Admissions Coordinator:

(608) 592-8111

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(888) 780-3389

5115 N. Biltmore Lane

Madison, Wisconsin 53718

At UW Health Rehabilitation Hospital in Madison, Wisconsin, the following features help provide exceptional care for our patients:

  • State-of-the-art technology and evidence-based interventions to maximize outcomes
  • 50 private, ADA-accessible patient rooms with features that promote independence
  • Ceiling lifts in select rooms to enhance patient safety
  • On-unit therapy areas to increase efficiency and improve access to the rehabilitation team
  • Fully accessible patient training kitchen
  • Peer counseling and support groups to assist in patient and family adjustment and coping
  • Successful outcomes and continuous quality improvement using data from a variety of sophisticated outcomes systems
  • Coordinated care with all surgical and medical specialties that a Level I Trauma Center has to offer

UW Health Rehabilitation Hospital provides a unique environment for patients in the course of their rehabilitation. The focus of our care is wellness and achieving maximum functional independence to help the patient return home as quickly and safely as possible. What we offer at UW Health Rehabilitation Hospital is rehab immersion. Every interaction of the patient throughout the day and night is focused and aimed toward the goals of achieving independence and improving the quality of life.


Patients will go to our dining room for meals versus eating in their rooms. Family members and loved ones are welcome to join them for those meals. Our large therapy areas feature high-tech therapy devices and allow for effective and comprehensive treatment of our patients. Our 10-acre campus allows for outdoor therapy and visitation when appropriate.


Adaptive Kitchen and Functional Living Apartment


patient and therapist in the adaptive kitchen; UW Health Rehabilitation Hospital; Madison, WisconsinWe offer an adaptive kitchen and functional living apartment (ADL suite) where patients and families can practice their independence prior to going home. One of our aims is to help make that transition to home as smooth as possible. Having these special areas within our hospital allows us to focus on individual goals and barriers that may exist.


Our staff will also provide not only patient education but also education and training for primary support persons (caregivers). Not only do we strive to make our patients safe upon going home, we also help train their caregivers so they remain safe and informed.


Car Module


One of the main concerns for patients and families alike is how to help patients get in and out of vehicles once they are able to return home. Our indoor car module allows our therapy staff to work one-on-one with our patients to practice how to get in and out of vehicles. This is especially useful for patients who may have special functional needs once they return home.


Sports-Related Therapy


Our unique environment supports recovery from injuries for patients who remain athletic. We have an outdoor basketball court in which therapy can help patients work on balance techniques, strengthening and conditioning. Our outdoor golf area allows for patients to work with therapy to promote some of those same things.


Dedicated Units


UW Health Rehabilitation Hospital; Madison, WisconsinAt UW Health Rehabilitation Hospital, we realize that different patients have different needs, especially when providing disease- and injury-specific plans of care. We have a 12-bed unit on our second floor designed to best treat patients who have suffered from a stroke.


Next to our stroke unit, we also have a dedicated, secure, 12-bed brain injury unit. This unit focuses on providing a "low-stim" environment. For brain injuries, sometimes less is more during the course of recovery. This area promotes an environment in which there is not a lot of traffic through the halls. We also have a dedicated therapy treatment area directly on this brain injury unit.


For patients that may have the strength and ability to walk unassisted, but may need more of the cognitive approach to rehab or may not be safe getting around the hospital alone, our secure unit promotes a safe environment. Video monitoring capabilities also are available for patients with an increased safety risk.


Pet Visitation and Dogs on Call


UW Health Rehabilitation Hospital realizes the importance of pet visitations in the recovery of our patients. If you are interested in having your dog or cat visit from home, please talk to your nurse for directions on what is needed in advance of that visit.


For our patients who are looking for alternative options, our hospital partners with Dogs on Call. Dogs on Call offers trained therapeutic pet visits for our patients who are interested in participating. Our hospital offers Day Rooms for these visits to take place. If you are interested in participating in therapeutic pet visits during your stay, please ask your nurse for more information.




Nutritional Services at the UW Health Rehabilitation Hospital welcomes patients, guests and staff to the dining room to eat a home-cooked meal. We take pride in cooking many of our meals from scratch. We will offer an assortment of new healthy foods for everyone to try, as well as some familiar comfort foods.