Amputee Rehabilitation

UW Health Rehabilitation Hospital

Main Phone Number:

(608) 592-8100

Admissions Coordinator:

(608) 592-8111

Admissions Fax:

(888) 780-3389

5115 N. Biltmore Lane

Madison, Wisconsin 53718

The Amputee Rehabilitation Program at UW Health Rehabilitation Hospital in Madison, Wisconsin, provides a comprehensive approach to the medical and functional needs of individuals who have experienced the loss of a limb.


Our multi-disciplinary team is dedicated to maximizing a patient's independence. Each patient and family has a program tailored to their specific individual needs. UW Health Rehabilitation Hospital has both pre-prosthetic and post-prosthetic rehabilitation programs.


Our team will coordinate with your surgeon and your prosthetist to provide therapy coordinated specifically to your needs. We will be able to provide resources and involvement with an amputee peer mentor.


Discharge Planning and Follow-Up

To ensure each patient's progress after he or she leaves the medical center, our rehabilitation staff coordinates services such as outpatient therapy, residential treatment or home therapy. We also make referrals to local, state and federal agencies for vocational opportunities, support groups and financial assistance.