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UW Health ImageShare is a complimentary service designed to expedite image sharing between UWHealth and partnering organizations.


A site-to-site VPN (virtual private network) is established that will allow for fast and secure two-way exchange of DICOM images. View an illustration of the process (pdf).


UW Health ImageShare image handling support is provided by the UW Hospital and Clinics Radiology - Enterprise Imaging Support (a.k.a. "UW File Room").


Sending Images to UW Health


Imageshare Partner to UW Health Image Send Process:

  • A provider from an ImageShare Partner location can contact their local image management department (often called "file room") and request that a patient study be sent to UWHealth. The following information should be provided:
    • Patient name, DOB and medical record number
    • Information about the studies that should be transferred
    • Referring physician contact information
    • A UW Health clinic or provider that should be notified (optional)
  • The provider should let their file room know if the transfer is for Continuing Care, Urgent Surgical Review, Trauma/ER Transfer, Telestroke or other purpose
  • The partner file room will send a "Transfer Notification" fax to the UW file room with study details and the information specified above
  • The partner file room will send the images electronically (via the VPN) and record the transaction per HIPAA regulations
  • UWHC file room staff will confirm that all studies have arrived successfully, acknowledge receipt to the sending facility and notify any specified UWHealth clinic or provider.

Requesting Images from UW Health

ImageShare Partner Image Request Process (from UW Health):

  • A provider may also request images from UW Health through their local "file room". The same information should be provided as for the Image Send Process (above).
  • The partner file room will fax an "Image Transfer Request" form to the UW Hospital and Clinics file room with study details and the information specified above.
  • The UW Hospital and Clinics file room will send the requested studies and document the transfer via fax. The transfer will be recorded as per HIPAA regulations.
  • The local image management department should acknowledge receipt of the images via fax.