Benefits of the ImageShare Program

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UW Health ImageShare is a complimentary service designed to expedite image sharing between UW Heath and partnering organizations.


Benefits of Electronic Image Sharing

  • Patients benefit by receiving streamlined care with less hassle
  • Physicians receive same day image review/consultation
  • The time and cost associated with CD and film transfer are eliminated
  • Data transfer is secure
  • Images can be transferred to UW Hospital and Clinics 24/7

Applications When Image Share Might Be Used

  • Continuing Care - Images are available to the provider before the patient arrives for an appointment.
  • Trauma/ ER Transfer - The images can arrive at UWHealth before the patient does.
  • Telestroke
  • Urgent Surgical Review:
    • Urgent Surgical Review is a free service that is provided by the UW Vascular Dr. Sarah McAchran, surgeonSurgery Department.
    • Once the images have been received and processed by UW Enterprise Imaging Support, the UW Access Center will page the requested or oncall UW Vascular Surgeon and relay patient and study information.
    • The Vascular Surgeon will review the images and contact the referring physician directly to discuss findings and appropriate patient care.

For Clinical Information


For clinical information about how this service can benefit your patients and practice contact:

Jon Matsumura, MD
Chief, Division of Vascular Surgery
(608) 265-4420,


We pride ourselves on outstanding communication with patients and referring physicians.

We offer direct access to providers (via Access Center) for telephone patient consultation, which provides an opportunity for referring physicians to obtain a rapid patient consultation without the need for patient travel.