Y Arms

In previous Activity Avenue columns we have described ways to improve your balance. The balance progression below will also challenge your upper back and shoulder strength. If you are more experienced exerciser you can hold light weight hand weight to increase your challenge.

  • To give yourself a little balance assistance, keep the toe of your right foot down on the floor throughout the exercise or perform standing on two feet.
  • To protect your shoulder or neck, keep your hands at shoulder height instead of overhead
  • Engage your abdominal muscles, checking for a strong core and tall posture. Avoid lifting the arms and legs too high, as it will over arch your back. Keep your neck relaxed.

Start with 3 -5 repetitions on each leg, progress to 10 - 15 each leg.



Y Arms Step 1 Stand tall, with your weight on your left leg. Raise both arms overhead for greater challenge.

Y Arms Step 2

Reach both hands down and across to reach to opposite knees. You will bend at your hip, knee and ankle and round your back slightly.
Y Arms Step 3 Pause and return to start position