Embracing Gratitude: Stories of Thankfulness

As we so often do during the holiday season, we reflect on those who have touched our lives, celebrating friends and loved ones and finding so many things for which we are grateful.


In the spirit of the season, we share the following stories of gratitude. Whether it is an oncologist learning important life lessons from a remarkable patient, or a survivor who has learned to embrace one more day - each story reflects a genuine gratitude for life.


Embracing Gratitude: Stories of Thankfulness


George Wilding, Director, UW Carbone Cancer Center
Thankful: Time to Say Thanks, Embrace Family and Reflect

George Wilding, MD, director of the UW Carbone Cancer Center shares his thoughts on the holidays - a time of year to say thanks, embrace friends and family, and reflect on the year gone by. Read more

Dr. Robert Hegeman
Learning Life Lessons: An Oncologist Share His Story

Oncologist Robert Hegeman, MD, shares the lessons he learned from one memorable patient whose bravery and optimism taught him to appreciate life and to always be skeptical of the statistics. Read more

The four leaders of the Brain Tumor Support Group
Ten Years of Brain Tumor Support Group

Lori Hayes, MS, RN and coordinated of the Brain Tumor Support groups reflects on the ten year anniversary. Through the shared experiences of the group, they remember how important every day is a celebration. Read more

Judy MacDougall, Brain Tumor Survivor
One More Day - A Brain Tumor Survivor's Story

The diagnosis of a brain tumor doesn't have to be the end of the world.  Judy MacDougall recounts her very, personal story of living with a brain tumor.  Read more

Close up of hand writing in a journal
Cultivating Spirituality - Practicing Gratitude

Chaplain Libby Caes offers another exercise in cultivating spirituality - practicing gratitude. She offers a way to cope with the stress of the holiday - writing about the 100 things you love or for which you are grateful. Read more