T Lift for Midscapular Strength

This exercise helps you build strength in the mid-shoulder blade area and can be one of the pieces of the puzzle of good shoulder and postural health.


While you are performing this exercise you can think about maintaining a long spine, all the way through the line of your neck. The retraction of the shoulder blades and the mid-back strength will help counteract desk and driving rounded postures.

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Activity Avenue: T Lift Starting PositionStart by lying face down on a bench or off the edge of your bed. Let your arms hang down  (pictured left). Your arms should be able to move freely.


Think about good alignment. Your chin can be gently tucked into your jaw and the top of your head pointing forward.


Gently draw your shoulder blades together and down toward your back pockets. Avoid exaggerating that movement as it often forces you into a forward head and arched spine position.


Activity Avenue T LiftSlowly raise and lower your arms to the side. Stop your lift with your arms level with your body as shown (pictured right).


Perform 1 - 3 sets of 10 - 15 repetitions, stopping earlier if you feel yourself lose your alignment.


When this is easy to do, try it with a small dumbbell or soup can. As you add weight pay attention to your alignment, too much weight can sometimes cause you to drop into a forward head position.