Supine Twist Stretch

This stretch gives the muscles in your low and mid-back rotational stretch and will help open up your chest. You can hold this stretch for 30 - 40 seconds each side.


Start with your knees bent, feet on the floor, with your arms extended into a T position.

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Supine Twist


Draw your knees into your chest, then lower both knees to one side. Aim your knees toward your wrist or forearm.


Supine Twist


As your spine twists, it is not unusual for the opposite shoulder to lift off the floor. Instead of trying to force it to stay down, reach your hand out to the side as if someone was gently pulling on your arm.


Use full inhale to broaden the chest and upper back and the exhale to let the chest open and the arm to sink closer to the floor.


As you return to the start position, focus on using your abdominal muscles drawing your knees back into the chest.




Supine Twist Modified


If this is too much rotation for your body, place folded blankets or pillows at your side or lay down next to a couch or similar object. As you rotate to the side your legs can be supported by the blankets or furniture, allowing your spine to release.