Sumo Squat

This exercise helps build strength in the outer hips, inner and front of the thighs and lower abdominal muscles.


A Few Extra Tips for Performing This Exercise


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Squat only as low as feels comfortable for your hips and low back. As you squat, your tailbone/buttocks will reach back, helping you balance your slight forward lean of your trunk. This position will allow you to align your knees over your shoelaces. You can start this in a very shallow squat position, adding depth as you feel comfortable.


As you lean your trunk forward, keep your trunk long from your low belly to your sternum. You want to avoid collapsing through the spine and slouching or rounding your back.


As you lower into the squat, think about your sit bones (the pelvic bones deep in the buttocks that sit on) widening apart and as you return to standing draw the sit bones together.


Start with 6 - 8 repetitions of this exercise. You can build up to 2 - 3 sets of 10 - 15 reps as tolerated.


Sumo Squat