Struggling Starfish

This exercise works your core muscles and moves you through active range of motion through the shoulder, abdominal area, spine and the front of your hips.


Your emphasis with this exercise will be the stability challenge of maintaining the floor side body in a perpendicular orientation to the floor while the top side of your body moves. As you watch the video note how his bottom foot, leg, arm and hand stay in good contact to the floor.

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A Few Tips for Performing This Exercise


If you have a back injury and are to avoid flexion, extension or rotation, this may not be a good exercise for you.


If you are new to these types of exercises, start with smaller movements, bending the knee and elbow to decrease the work load. Start by touching closer to your body, gradually building to the amount of reach that is shown in the video. Lightly draw you abdominals in, making the draw a little stronger as you prepare to make the switch from reaching front to back.


Start with 3-5 repetitions per side, adding more reps as tolerated.