Split Squat with a Chair

The split squat with a chair is a challenging exercise that strengthens your leg and hip muscles while also working on balance.


You can use a step, bench or a chair to do this exercise. You can also just let the toes of your back foot rest on the floor.

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  • Start by standing tall, most of your weight on your front leg
  • Lean forward slightly as you squat your hips down and back
  • Press your forward foot into the floor and press your hips forward to stand back up

Repeat 8 - 12 times each leg.


Performing the Excercise


You may find that initially you will need to hold on to something for balance to help maintain these appropriate knee positions. The photos below demonstrate proper posture while performing the exercise.


Step one of squat splits   Step Two of Squat Splits
Your front knee should stay lined up with your middle toes   As you squat, your knee should go no further forward then your end of your toes