Spice Up Your Walk

Are you consistent with your walking or jogging program, but not as good at getting strength or agility into your routine? Below are a few ways to use a curb to add more variety to your workouts.


This exercise is a intermediate-plus exercise for balance. You can start slow to decrease the challenge and increase speed as you are able to balance.

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Stepping is good for a little agility footwork and a little heart rate increase.


Quick step up and down off a curb or a step along your walk or run route. Make sure you practice a little with both legs leading. Do 30 seconds to 2 minute bouts per leg. Increase the challenge by adding a knee lift, as demonostrated in the third picture.


Stepping Stepping 2 Adding a knee lift for challenge
Lead with one leg, and step onto curb Stand with both legs firmly on curb Increase challenge by raising one knee


Sideways Stepping


If you participate in a lot of forward moving activities (walk, bike, jog), your body would greatly benefit from the addition of sideways and rotational movements. Repeat the above exercise, but travel sideways as you step or stand sideways to the curb.


Stepping up sideways can help increase range of motion


Step Backs


This exercise will help build strength in your lower body. Stand on a curb or step, stepping the right leg back behind you to tap the ground, then repeat with the left side. Keep your weight on your forward leg. Do 10 to 15 times per side.

If you would like to start with less balance challenge, start with just standing on the flat ground.


Tapping back will help strengthen the lower body