Single Arm Row with Single Leg Balance

This exercise helps train your body in multiple ways. The row action helps strengthen your upper back and shoulder muscles, and the balance challenge helps train your hip and trunk strength in addition to your ankle stability.


A Few Extra Tips for Performing This Exercise

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  • If you are new to balance or resistance band exercises you can first try this exercise with standing on both feet. 
  • Think about drawing in your low belly muscles a little and holding your chest tall. If that is easy, try standing with your non-balancing foot lightly touching the floor, and then lift it off the floor completely. 
  • If you have back or shoulder injuries/limitations, you may find that starting by limiting how much rotation you do and limiting how far back you pull the band may allow you to perform the exercise without irritating any injuries. 
  • There are different levels of resistance bands. You can find ones that have minimal resistance and ones that have more moderate to heavy resistance. The longer you stretch the band (the further you stand from the door attachment) the harder the resistance is. 
  • You can secure the band by shutting it in a door or tying it around a railing. You can attach it at different heights to change which muscles you are recruiting.