Seated Spine Twist

With today's lifestyles, we often find ourselves sitting at desks and in cars for extended periods of time.
Prolonged seated postures can contribute to low back and hip pain. A few simple stretches and breath work may help you release some of the tensions of the prolonged postures.
  • Start in a seated position, feet flat on the floor. Roll your shoulders back and release them down. Sit tall, tucking your chin in slightly. Take a deep breath in, expanding your chest and back. Release the breath, staying tall through the length of your body. Draw your abdominal muscles in as if you are trying to zip a tight pair of pants.
  • Turn slightly to the left, place your right hand on the outside of your left leg. Your left hand can rest on your left hip or on the back of the chair.
  • Take a slightly deeper breath in, expanding your chest and back. As you release the breath, gently turn into the stretch a little more.
  • Hold the stretch for 2 – 5 more breaths
  • Slowly release, repeat the sequence to the other side. Take a breath or two in the start position before repeating to the right.
Seated Spine Twist Seated Spine Twist

Sit tall, deep breath in and turn to your side, expanding your chest and back

Repeat in opposite direction