Prone Mountain

Activity Avenue, Prone MountainProne Mountain is a yoga pose (developed by Scott Anderson of Alignment Yoga) that helps you find proper posture alignment and length in your body.

 Close up of Prone Mountain pose

Start by lying on your belly. Place your hands by your ribs and close to your body.


Relax your chest on the floor, allowing your sternum to release toward the floor. Allow your nose to hover just above the mat, drawing your chin in slightly, face parallel to the floor.


Stretch your legs long, away from your body, while reaching the top of your head toward the opposite wall. Breath in this lengthened position, full breath exhales allowing space for your inhale.


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You may start with holding this position for 5 - 15 seconds, and build up to holding a little longer. Check in with your breathing, finding full fluid exhales.