Planning an Event for the UW Carbone Cancer Center: Checklist

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UW Carbone Cancer Center events

Events are a unique way that you can help advance cancer rearch at the UW Carbone Cancer Center in Madison, Wisconsin. Through these events, you can make a significant difference for cancer patients and survivors.


The following checklist can help you during your event planning.


Event Planning, Promoting and Hosting Checklist


Contact the UW Carbone Cancer Center 3 Months Prior to Event


At least 3 months prior to event, send all event details to the UW Carbone Cancer Center (you can use the form below).


Be sure to include:

  • Contact information for the "primary event coordinator"
  • Event date, time, location, type of event, etc.

We will publicize events on the UW Health websites ( and and often through our social media channels. The more complete your information, the better able we will be to help promote it.


Publicity Materials and Promotion


The UW Carbone Cancer Center can help you promote your event. Contact Event Planning staff (listed right) for:

  • Press releases
  • Registration Forms
  • Hi-res logos


Collecting Donations


You can create a personal fundraising page for your event to accept online donations and share with your social networks. Learn how to create a personal fundraising page


For checks, make sure donation checks are made out to the UW Carbone Cancer Center (or "UWCCC" for short), and ask donors to include the event name is in the memo line.


NOTE: If a check is made out to a person please have them endorse the check before sending it in.


If a cash donation is made, please ask if they require a tax receipt – if they do, write down the donor's contact info: name, address, and exactly how much money they donated to include with the money.


Submitting Donations After Event


Send all donations into the UW Carbone Cancer Center within 30 days after your event concludes, so checks don't expire:


UW Carbone Cancer Center

Attn: Development & Marketing Staff

600 Highland Avenue, K4/658

Madison, WI 53792-6164

Event Information Submission Form


If you have any questions about this form or to discuss your plans to organize a fundraising activity benefiting the UW Carbone Cancer Center, contact Katie Williquette or James Listug.


Name of Activity
Sponsoring Organization/Individual
Contact Person
Phone Number
Home  Work  Cell
E-mail Address
Fax Number
Activity Times/Dates
Activity Description
How will you raise money with this activity?
How do you plan to publicize this activity?
If you plan to seek gifts or donations from local businesses, please list them here:
Projected Proceeds:
Projected Expenses:
Estimated Gift to the UW Carbone Cancer Center:
I understand that I may not use the name UW Carbone Cancer Center, UW Hospital and Clinics, nor American Family Children's Hospital nor their logos for any purpose or proceed with the proposed fundraising activity until I receive written approval. The information provided on this form is correct and accurately describes the proposed fundraising activity.