Plank with Knee to Chest

In a previous Activity Avenue we reviewed the introduction to the plank exercise. Plank work is a great way to strengthen your trunk muscles and improve upper body strength. This month we will review a more advanced variation of a plank exercise. This variation will challenge right to left-side stability and increase the overall workload of the exercise.


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If you are not currently practicing plank work you maywant to review the previous plank exercise: Side Plank


Plank with Knee to Chest


You may start with one to three sets of two to four repetitions per leg, building up to eight to ten reps as tolerated.



Plank with knees to chest starting position

Start in the plank position.


Remember to draw in your lower abdominal muscles to help hold your body in a strong position.


Keep your neck long and chin gently tucked in to maintain good spine alignment.


Plank with knees to chest exercise

Press your left foot into the floor, and draw your right knee into your chest.


Pause, extend the right leg back out, and press both feet evenly into the floor.


Repeat to the other side.


Try to minimize any dropping of the hip or swaying of your body. Pressing firmly into your three point contact should help you maintain stability.