Pituitary Cancer

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The Pituitary Tumor Clinic in the University of Wisconsin Carbone Cancer Center, the state's only comprehensive cancer center, offers patients advanced techniques in diagnosis, planning and treatment for pituitary tumors.
About the Pituitary Gland
Pituitary tumors are tumors found in the pituitary gland, a small organ about the size of a pea in the center of the brain just above the back of the nose. The pituitary gland makes hormones that regulate a wide variety of bodily activities.
Advanced Pituitary Imaging and Techniques
Pituitary Tumors
Although rare, most pituitary tumors are non-cancerous (benign). However, because of the location of the pituitary gland, at the base of the skull, a pituitary tumor grows upward. And, eventually, most pituitary tumors press against the optic nerves, causing vision problems.
Every year, UW sees a multitude of patients with pituitary tumors. Patient care is managed by a multidisciplinary team of health care providers that include neurosurgeons, endocrinologists, neuro-ophthalmologists and radiation oncologists. The team provides medical and surgical care for patients with a new diagnosis or history of pituitary tumors. Patient cases are discussed by the multidisciplinary team to ensure all treatment options are explored.
  • Pituitary protocol MRI
  • Dynamic pituitary MRI
  • Trans-sphenoidal craniotomy for pituitary tumors
  • 3-D treatment planning
  • Stereotactic radiosurgery
  • Fractionated stereotactic radiotherapy