Pigeon Stretch

This stretch focuses on the hip area. Often activities such as sitting, running, walking and biking can leave us with tightening around the low back and hips. This stretch is more of an intermediate stretch, so if you have some low back, hip or knee injuries please consult with your health care specialists before practicing this stretch.

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Starting Position


Start in a plank or push up position. Draw one leg forward, bending the knee so that the shin reaches toward the opposite hand. Rest the lateral (outer) side of the leg on the floor. Gradually release your body weight to rest from your arms to rest on your legs. Use long slow releasing exhales to allow you rest into this stretch.


You can experiment with the two positions shown below.


With both positions, it is easy to hold tension in your whole body, your jaw, collarbone area and your hips, to quard from releasing into this stretch. Really use your exhales to release those tensions, breathing into the stretch for 30 - 60 seconds.


Alternate Positions


The first gives you additional stretch in the front of the hip (hip flexor area) of the extended leg. Avoid propping your upper body up too straight as you may over arch your low back.


Activity Avenue Pigeon Stretch Position 1


With the second position, you can lay your torso down onto your thigh to give a stronger low back and gluteal stretch.


Activity Avenue Pigeon Stretch Position 2