Physioball Walk Out

Do you have a ball that has been hanging around the house waiting to be dusted off? Here is a good exercise to put it to work!


This variation on the plank exercise strengthens your trunk, hip and upper body muscles while working the stability of your torso and hips.

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As you walk your hands out, you will shift your weight back and forth between you right and left side. Your shoulder blades, torso and hips will have to coordinate their strength to keep your body stable.


Start with positioning yourself on the ball, with your waist (beginning level) or your upper thighs (more advanced level) resting on the ball. Your arms will start lined up under your shoulders. Draw your low belly muscles in.



Physioball walk out exercise



Walk your hands out away from the ball, letting the ball roll back under you toward your feet. Be careful to pay attention to the lower abdominal contraction, hold strong to prevent a sway back.


Your goal is to stay in a nice straight line. The farther you walk out the more challenging it is to maintain your strong abdominal strength and hold your balance. Walk out as far as you feel comfortable, pause and walk your hands back to start position.


You may start with 2 - 3 walk outs, building to 10 - 15 as tolerated.

To increase challenge try adding a pause in the full walk out position, or to really up your challenge try to maintain position as you march your hands or lift one leg off the ball. Be prepared to wobble!