Physioball Bridge

In a previous Activity Avenue we reviewed an exercise called Bridging. This month we will add a physioball to increase and vary the challenge of the bridge exercise.


Challenging Your Core


Bridging works the strength of your core and hip muscles. Bridge work also brings us into a long extended spine position, which helps counteract desk and driving postures.


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Having your legs up on the ball gives you an unstable surface to balance on and will help you challenge trunk and hip stability.


For the exercise below, do 5-10 repetitions. To increase the challenge try lifting your hands off the floor.


Physioball Bridge Exercise



Start with your legs propped up on a physioball.


The closer the ball is to your heels the more challenging the exercise will be.


If you are new to physioballs you may want to start with the ball under your knees.


Your arms can rest anywhere you feel is comfortable. Try to keep your arms and your head/neck relaxed on the floor. Your arms will help you balance.



Press your legs/heels into the ball to initiate rolling your spine off the floor.


In the fully extended position you will have your weight on your legs on the ball and across the shoulder blades. Avoid lifting so high that you put stress on your neck.


Hold for 5-30 seconds, trying to maintain a fluid breath pattern. Slowly lower. Press your left foot into the floor, and draw your right.