Patient Story: Elizabeth Willink

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Gynecologic Cancer

Elizabeth Willink, Gynecologic Oncology Patient

The first time Elizabeth met Laurel Rice, MD, she was put at ease with her manner and knowledge of her problem.


When Elizabeth mentioned that the last time she had surgery, the general anesthesia made her extremely nauseous. Dr. Rice recommended they consider an epidural, which would more than likely significantly diminish the problem.


They first met on a Tuesday and the surgery was scheduled three days later with some manipulation of Dr. Rice's schedule, allowing Elizabeth to have surgery quickly.


After the surgery was completed, it was clear the type of mucinous tumor she had was unusual. Dr. Rice did not hesitate to query her colleagues around the country regarding chemotherapy recommendations and agreed on three chemotherapy sessions.


Elizabeth's husband had passed away in October of 2008 when she found out she needed this surgery only a month later. Daughters and family friends took very good care of Elizabeth during her recovery period.


According to Elizabeth, "It was Dr. Rice who made me feel that I could call whenever I had a question or problem that made the time alone so much easier. This extremely busy doctor made me feel as if I were her only patient. And I am certain that's how all of her patients feel. She is special."