Outreach Programs

The University of Wisconsin Comprehensive Cancer Center supports the following outreach education progams:


Cancer Health Disparities Initiative

The Cancer Health Disparities Initiative (CHDI) focuses on reducing the burden of cancer disparities through research, outreach, clinical treatment, education, and policy development. In partnership with colleagues across the UW Carbone Cancer Center, the communities it serves, and the UW Madison campus, CHDI centers attention and resources on addressing cancer health disparities by organizing education and training, building new organizational and community partnerships, promoting and facilitating research, and identifying prospective Cancer Center members. CHDI invites community partners and UW faculty and staff to join the Cancer Health Disparities Initiative as affiliate members.



The UWCCC Spirit of EAGLES program addresses comprehensive cancer control through partnerships with tribes, the Network for Cancer Control Research among American Indian / Alaska Native populations, multiple cancer centers, and the American Cancer Society (ACS).


Wisconsin Cancer Council

The Wisconsin Cancer Council is a coalition of organizations dedicated to the development and coordination of a comprehensive cancer control program in Wisconsin. The objective of the Wisconsin Cancer Council shall be to reduce the morbidity and mortality of cancer in the state by stimulating communication between cancer-control organizations in Wisconsin; advocating for cancer control policies, legislation and research; and developing and coordinating projects that require the interaction of various cancer-control organizations in Wisconsin.


Wisconsin Comprehensive Cancer Control Program

The Wisconsin Comprehensive Cancer Control Program supports the development and implementation of the Wisconsin Comprehensive Cancer Control Plan 2010-2015.


The Wisconsin Comprehensive Cancer Control Program (WI CCC) and its partnership arm, the Wisconsin Cancer Council, work to engage public, private and community partners to develop, implement and promote a statewide approach to cancer control. The vision is for a healthier Wisconsin by reducing the impact of cancer.  The Plan and its implementation phase address the full continuum of cancer care, including prevention, screening, treatment, survivorship, palliative care, and data collection and reporting.  Each chapter of the Plan addresses specific cancer control priorities through strategies and action steps.  Each year projects and initiatives are undertaken to address a strategy or to implement an action step.  An interdisciplinary Steering Committee of WI CCC Program partners guides the planning and implementation process.