On Being a Mother

May is Mother's Day, and this month four women, who are cancer researchers and physicians with the UW Carbone Cancer Center, share how motherhood has changed and influenced their outlook and lives.


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Christina Kendziorski, UW Biostatician

Overcoming Challenges: Christina Kendziorski

Biostatistician Christina Kendziorski is an associate professor in the department of biostatistics and medical informatics. She reflects on how her mother and grandmother influenced her life. Read Dr. Kendziorski's Story

Dr. Noelle LoConte and family

On Being a Mom: Dr. Noelle LoConte

UW Carbone Cancer Center Medical oncologist, Dr. Noelle LoConte, talks about what becoming a mom taught her about dealing with cancer. Read Dr. LoConte's Story

Medical Oncologist Dr. Kari Wisinski's children


The Influence of Motherhood: Dr. Kari Wisinski

Medical oncologist, Dr. Kari Wisinski who treats breast cancer patients, shares how motherhood influences how she practices as a physician. Read Dr. Wisinski's Story

Dr. Sharon Weber

The Essence of Motherhood: Dr. Sharon Weber

Dr. Sharon Weber, surgical oncologist with the UW Carbone Cancer Center, reflects on how becoming a mother changed how she practiced medicine. Read Dr. Weber's Story