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Strawberry Ice with Kiwi Topping

Treat your Valentine with this refreshing, light dessert. You might serve it with a special piece of chocolate.




Strawberry Ice


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2 pounds frozen unsweetened strawberries

2 tablespoons lemon juice

1 can (14 ounces) fat-free sweetened condensed milk


Kiwi Topping


5 medium kiwi fruit, divided

2 tablespoons Splenda or sugar

2 tablespoons brandy




Strawberry Ice with Kiwi Topping

Place frozen strawberries in large food processor. (Do not thaw the strawberries.) Process until finely chopped. Add lemon juice and sweetened condensed milk. Process just until smooth. Serve immediately or store in freezer in a covered bowl.


If frozen, thaw slightly in the refrigerator or at room temperature before serving.


To prepare kiwi topping, peel and chop 4 kiwi and place in food processor. Add Splenda or sugar and brandy. Process until smooth. Store in a covered jar in the refrigerator.


To serve, scoop frozen strawberry ice into serving chilled bowls or goblets. Drizzle with kiwi sauce. Garnish with thin slices of kiwi.


Serves 12


Nutritional Information Per Serving


Calories 175

Fat, gm.  0

Protein, gm. 3

Carbs, gm.   41 

Cholesterol, mg.  0 

Fiber, gm. 2.5