Monster Walk

Monster Walk works on hip strength. Hip strength is important for support of the low back, knees and balance and is critical during recreational activities such as hiking, golf and tennis as well as performing household chores and yard work.



  • Start with 6 - 8 steps to the right, then left. Repeat for 1 -2 sets.
  • You can gradually add steps as your endurance improves, until you are able to do 1 - 2 sets of 15 - 20 steps each direction.

Variations to Make Exercise Easier or More Challenging


This video shows a more advanced performance of this exercise. To modify Monster Walk to be a little easier on the knees and back, or to be more of a beginning level, start in a upright standing posture, then side step.


You can add a mini-squat, then a progressively deeper squat position, as you feel appropriate for your body.


This exercise can also be performed without a resistance band. Resistance bands come in many different thicknesses to offer progressions, often labeled light, medium or heavy resistance.


Reminders About Proper Position


It is important with this exercise to maintain good positioning of the knee and the back. Note in the video that the instructor keeps his kneecaps pointing the same direction as his toes. There can be a tendency, especially with weakness in the hip area, to let the knees drop in toward each other. This can create strain in the knees.


Also note in the video that even though the instructor is leaning forward, his back is nice and long and he is holding his sternum (chest) area tall. Draw your low belly muscles in toward your spine to offer more low back support.


Video Demonstration