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The University of Wisconsin Carbone Cancer Center, the state's only comprehensive cancer center, offers mammography to screen for breast cancer.
Screening Mammography
Screening mammography is an X-ray of the breast used to detect breast changes in women who have no symptoms. The basic screening mammogram takes 15-30 minutes and involves two views of each breast.
Diagnostic Mammography
Diagnostic mammography is designed for women with symptoms or to obtain further information after screening or as a recommendation for short-term follow-up by a radiologist. A diagnostic mammogram can be used to diagnose unusual breast changes, such as a lump, pain, nipple thickening or discharge, or a change in breast size or shape. This mammogram is obtained with focused views taken of the area of clinical concern.

Digital Mammography
Digital mammography use a computer along with an X-ray to get an image of the breast that provides similar information as a conventional mammogram. Digital mammography replaces film with digital imaging, enabling excellent quality images to be stored electronically and viewed on a computer screen.
Its use is expected eventually to eliminate the time, space and expense associated with developing, storing and transporting film. Digital mammograms are used for screening and diagnostic purposes. Learn more about Digital Mammography