Hip Stretching


This stretch is often given for the gluteal area (buttocks), focusing on a muscle called the piriformis.


If you have limitations in hip range of motion you can use the modified position with your left ankle on your right shin. 


Remember that this stretch should be fairly gentle, avoid overstretching this muscle.  If desired, you can use a strap or belt around the stretching leg for support.


Hold for 20 - 30 seconds and switch sides.



Woman demonstrating first step of hip stretch   Woman demonstrating modified hip stretch

Cross your leg so that the left ankle rests on the middle of your right thigh (or shin if you are doing the modified version).

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 Woman demonstrating hip stretch step 2  Woman demonstrating modified hip stretch part 2

Slowly lean forward until you feel a gentle pull in your gluteal area.


You can rest your hands on your chair or thighs for extra back support.