Hip Flexor Stretch

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With today’s lifestyles, we often find ourselves sitting at desks and in cars for extended periods of time. Prolonged seated postures can contribute to low back and hip pain. A few simple stretches can help you decrease you risk of injuries. This stretch will keep the front of the hip (hip flexor or iliopsoas area) more flexible and open.


Example of Hip Flexor Stretch

Hip Flexor Stretch
  • Stand with a staggered stance, one foot approximately 1 – 2 foot lengths behind the other
  • Look down and back at your feet to make sure your toes and knees are pointing forward, and your feet are about hip width apart
  • Stand tall and draw your lower abdominal muscles up and in, you may feel your tailbone tuck under you
  • Squeeze your buttock muscles together to intensify this stretch
  • Press your hips forward slightly to further intensify this stretch. This should be a subtle movement
Stretching should feel like a lengthening, opening or a release and should not feel painful. Perform on both sides of body, holding each leg for 20 – 30 seconds. Remember to breathe while holding the stretch.