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Head and Neck Cancer


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Head and neck cancer patients at the University of Wisconsin Carbone Cancer Center, the state's only comprehensive cancer center, may be treated with surgical techniques appropriate to their conditions.

Specialized Surgery for Cancers of the Oral Cavity

At the University of Wisconsin Carbone Cancer Center, our cancer surgeon specializing in the treatment of oral cavity cancers, has a 10-year history of performing "free tissue transfer," or "free flap" surgery. With this type of surgery the outcome of oral cavity reconstruction has become much less debilitating. This type of procedure allows the surgeon to remove the cancerous tissue and replace it with the patient's own normal tissue.

Specialized Surgery for Cancers of the Larynx

At the Carbone Cancer Center, we are able to perform sophisticated laryngeal surgery. This type of surgery may remove less than the entire voice box by using laser resection in order to preserve the larynx. This type of surgery is called conservation surgery.

Specialized Surgery for Cancers of the Neck

At Carbone Cancer Center, our specialists rarely perform a radical neck dissection, instead we are able to perform a functional neck dissection. This type of surgery spares much of the normal tissue and renders the patient more functional after the cancer surgery.

We are also able to perform sophisticated skull base surgery  with a multidisciplinary approach. Our head and neck cancer surgeon and neurosurgeon work together to remove these tumors. This type of combined surgery improves the outcomes for patients undergoing this type of surgery.