Donors of $9,999-$1,000

Moments in Time is the 2007-2008 Cancer Center Annual Report

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Your support can make a difference for the patients and families of the UW Carbone Cancer Center.
Active Network Inc.
Adrenalin Outdoors Inc.
Arnold P. and Sally E. Anderson
ARC Memorial Fund
Dean J. Arnold
Automation Components Inc.
Badger Jim Beam Club
Robert W. Baird and Co. Inc.
James J. Bakke
Theodore W. and Marilyn H. Batterman
Battle of the Badges
John Beam
Allan L. and Paulette Beerkircher
Ronald E. Behling
Robert J. and Donna G. Betzig
Sandra S. Bilgri
Michael M. and Bonnie J. Bogen
Oscar C. Boldt
Daniel G. Borchardt
Breathe Free Sauk Prairie
Alan J. Bridges
Bristol-Myers Squibb Company
Bart Brown
Robert W. and Susan T. Brown
Randall J. Cacic
Cancer Crusaders Inc.
Sanford E. Cannold
Mary Carbone
Donald & Wanda Chisholm
Cesar E. Ceballos
Choose Hope Inc.
Clear Channel Communications, Madison
Alan Craig
Bruce J. Crass, Jr.
Loeta R. Cress
CU Cooperative Systems Inc.
J. P. Cullen
CUNA Mutual Group
Patrick M. and Kathryn A. Daly
Peter G. Davis
Roland B. and Mary J. P. Day
Joanne S. Devries
Michael J. and Christine M. Dietzen
Ralph D. and Carol S. Dillon
Discoverer's Fund Inc.
Robert Dods E. Family Foundation
William B. and Carol L. Dresser
Alan W. and Elizabeth Dunwiddie
Eileen Dwyer
Charles H. Eis
Otto & Beverly Ellers
Donald D. and Susan S. Emerich
James E. Ethington
John T. V. and Gloria J. Etter
George A. Fait
Fred Fenster
Russell G. and Janet E. Ferris
V. Kirt and Dixie L. Fiegel
Eugene R. Fitzgerald
Robert W. and Angela K. Flannery
Wesley K. and Ankie C. Foell
Forum Credit Union
Delbert J. Fritz
Maurice P. Gahlman
Barbara B. Gambino
Timothy J. and Susan A. Gantz
Bryon Gaul
C. Daniel and Margaret P. Geisler
Mary F. Granger
Robert D. Griego
Olga Grkavac
Chris Gunnare
Hammes Company Sports Development Inc.
Lewis P. and Lorraine H. Hanson
Nancy Hanson
Hart Design Foundation Inc.
Hart Family Dentistry SC
Robert T. and Mona L. Harty
Patrick M. Hatfield
Veronica D. Hearty
William F. and Sharon L. Heibl
Margaret W. Hickman
Nelson & Vera Hicks Charitable Foundation
James W. and Anne Hill
Jacques Hochglaube
Philipp L. Hunkel Memorial Research Fund
Imclone Systems Incorporated
Insite Selection Services Int'l
James Madison Memorial High School
Fred B. Johnson
Robert G. Johnson
Thomas and Katie Johnson
Ruby E. Jonas
Kent E. and Sandra G. Joranlien
Aaron K. Joseph
Kachel Family Foundation Inc.
Kim G. Kalepp
Margo M. Kalepp
Jack L. Kaplan
Barbara J. Karlen
Patricia Keller
John M. and Lee M. Kelly
Kesslers Diamond Center
Kikkoman Foods Foundation Inc.
Thomas C. and Barbara N. Kilgore
Lois J. Kilmer
Randall H. and Patricia Kison
Kevin L. and Leah Knope
James D. and Dolores S. Kohn
Avis Kolpin
Charles F. and Patricia R. Koval
Donald L. and Joanne A. Krause
Stanley and Shirley A. Kritzik
William G. and Christie A. Krugler
Kris D. and Penelope L. Kubly
Richard H. and Darlene M. Lange
R. Todd Lappin
Roger E. Laubenheimer
Georgia Leech
Gary L. and Beth L. Leverton
Irving E. Levy
Marvin J. Levy
Lifecord Stat-Korea Co. Ltd.
Mary R. Long
Scott Luedke
William S. Lynch
M. G. R. Foundation
Madison Curling Club
Arlene Margolis
Oscar G. and Geraldine M. Mayer
Eugene F. Mayernick
Nellie R. McCannon
Karen McCown
James and Christine L. Mc Grann
Robert & Emily McKay
Mellor Engineering Inc.
James S. Meyer
David N. and Carol R. Mickelson
Agnes Moore
Cynthia J. Morgan
Charles and Carolyn Mowbray
Stephen & Dane Nelson
Richard A. Nelesen
Cory L. M. and Michelle S. Nettles
Anne Nolan
Emily M. Nissley
Barbara J. Norene
North Island Credit Union
Stan O'Keefe
Christian A. Ogeneski
Robert D. and Lois A. Olson
Optimist International Foundation
Nancy P. Orbison
Our Lady Queen Of Peace School
Papenhagen Construction Inc.
Milford Paulson
Christopher and Virginia Pedersen
Edward W. and Judy A. Peirick
Vincent Peng
Janice D. Pennau
Pepsi-Cola Company
Percipenz Technologies Inc.
Perkins Family Foundation
Jane R. Perlman
Robert H. Pettibone
Larry L. Pfile
Pfizer Foundation, Inc.
Ronald Phelps
Kenneth R. and Janet H. Pike
Steve Pink Woodworking
Erwin J. Plesko
Poynette Curling Club
Beverly A. Priefer
Janet L. Priefer
Gangaram Ragi
Martha M. ReQua
Ben and Sara A. Recker
Maurice J. and Arlene Reese
Herbert L. Reif
Elliott J. Resneck
Ride for Research
Mary K. Ring
Richard P. and Nancy J. Roloff
Wanda L. Rood
Mary A. Rosar
Steven A. and Julie M. Rucinski
Wendell Sagendorf
Sam Mobile Golf Outing
Sam's Club
Sanofi-Aventis US Inc.
Frank C. Saporito
Saris Cycling Group Inc.
Kimberly K. Schaefer
John E. and Carol E. Schiessl
John and Jean Schoenwaelder
Donald A. and Carol A. Schutt
William And Lillian Schwartz Foundation
Kenneth B. Shelton, Jr.
Kenneth P. Shemonski
Robert J. Shemonski
Robert E. Singiser
Jaleen Skoronski
Alice J. Slopa
Avis H. Smart
Stephen N. Snow
South Central Hog Chapter
Springs Window Fashions LLC
St. Patricks Day Parade Committee Inc.
Richard A. and Kristin S. Staehler
Mark J. Steichen and Mary J. Lindstrom
George K., Sr. and Mavis A. Steil
Stells Piggly Wiggly
Joseph T. and Jamie G. Steuer
Emily E. Stoddard
Steven C. Stoddard
Jack Stoltz Memorial Golf Outing
Kathleen Stoltz
Stonebrige Life Insurance Company
Summit Credit Union
James C. and Deborah W. Swanson
Nathan Taft and Hyang-Soon Lee
Dawn Tanner Memorial
Claudia Taylor Memorial Fund
TDS Long Distance Corp.
Marion L. Thompson
Erling T. Thoresen
Willard R. Thurlow
Jerry L. and Denise A. Tribbey
Tri-North Builders Inc.
Robert J. and Dorothy M. Troller
University Book Store
UW Health, Department of Ear, Nose & Throat
Urology Associates Of Green Bay
Edwin A. and Susan S. Van Boxtel
J. Paul and Lois A. Van Nevel
Buck VanVonderen Memorial
Denis R. and Laura L. Vogel
Harlan Waksal
Robert L. and Elaine A. Waldo
Duard L. and Dorothea V. Walker
Wal Mart Stores Inc.
Norma L. Wampler
John J. and Jacalyn L. Warczak
Tracey L. Weigel
Frances L. Weinstein
John T. and Celeste S. Wencel
Margaret A. Westing
Cheryl R. Weston
John C. and Joyce O. Weston
WI Dells Area United Fund Inc.
David S. Wilkinson
Windsor Garden Club
Margie Winter
Wisconsin Dual-Sport Riders
Wisconsin Multiple Myeloma Support Group
Workers Credit Union
World Council of Credit Unions
James A. and Jacquelyn L. Wrycha
Gail L. Wurtzler
Marvin Zelen
Erwin F. and Joan R. Zuehlke
We have made every effort to list all $100 and above gifts received during July 1, 2007 - June 30, 2008.
If your gift was inadvertently omitted, or if there is an error on our part, we apologize. If you have any questions, please contact Kelly Sitkin, (608) 263-1677 or