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Moments in Time is the 2007-2008 Cancer Center Annual Report

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Your support can make a difference for the patients and families of the UW Carbone Cancer Center.
A & A Environmental, Inc.
Abbott Laboratories Fund
Robert Ablove
Seymour and Shirley Abrahamson
John and Phyllis Aceto
Robert and Beverly Acker
ADS Mechanical LLC
AE Business Solutions
Ronald and Sony Ahlert
Barron Community Fund, Inc
William and Joyce Albright
Patricia Alea
George and Nancy Alfano
William and Bett Alfano
Gary Allen
George and Ruby Allen
John Allen
Gerry and Aceine Allen
Mark and Judy Alpert
Alt Financial Services, Inc
Phyllis Amato
Joey and Shirley Amberg
America's Charities
Amery Professional Police Association
Jeffery and Elaine Anderson
Norman and Peggy Anderson
Terry Anderson
James and Patricia Anderson
Wilmer Anderson
Patrick and Lorie Anderson
Milton Anderson
Donald and Ruth Anderson
Nancy Anderson
Frank and Helen Andrekus
John and Faye Andrews
Cornelius and Patricia Andringa
Tamnit and Chirawan Ansusinha
Leon and Rita Applebaum
Thomas Archdeacon and Marilyn Lavin
Charles and Patricia Armour
Sandra Arnn
Carolyn Arnold
Arthur Arveson
Marie Asbury
Ascend Federal Credit Union
Association of Women in Agriculture
Cebrone and Kerri Atkins
Edward and Susan Atkinson
Catherine Austin
Avenue Bar of Madison, Inc.
Jonathan and Susan Axelrod
B.V. Bowerstock
Carol Babcock
Carl and JoAnn Bachhuber
Tom and Doreen Badtke
Badger Jim Beam Club
Bob and Judith Baier
Howard and Laurie Bailey
George Baird
Jenne Baivier
Tim and Laurie Bakken
John and Julie Baltes
James and Laurel Balzer
Vicki Banning
Sylvia and Merrill Banville
John Barge
Diane Barnidge
Richard Barry
Virginia Bartelt
Gerard Bastien and Jan Eddy
Thomas and Sally Basting
R. Alan Bates and Jessica Southworth Bates
Ronald and Bernadine Bauer
Michael and Colleen Baughn
Daniel and Karen Baumann
Karl and Karen Beardsley
Henry and Lorraine Beaster
Sean Bechtel
H. Becker
Carl and Dawn Becker
Darlene Becker
Becker Meisel, LLC
Peter Beckerman and Kimberly Gross
Jeffry Behan and Laura Brenner
Ross Behling
Joan and Merlyn Behr
Calvin and Joy Beisswanger
Janice Bender
Craig and Christie Bender
Mark and Nancy Benkoske
William and Lola Bennett
Harold Bennett
Mark and Holly Benson
Berbee Information Networks Corporation
Ronald and Maura Beresky
Leroy and Barbara Berg
Harvey and Thelma Bergman
Richard and Gloria Bergman
Bruce and Tracy Bergum
Martin and Patricia Berk
Louis Berke
Leonard and Norma Berkowitz
Niles and Linda Berman
Robert and Eva Berman
Sarah Berman
James and Edith Berner
Craig Berry
Jacques Besant and Patti McGinnis-Besant
Beverly Beutel
Richard and Susan Bidinger
Leilani Bierberitz
B.I.F. Contracting, Inc.
Roselynn Bittorf
Barry and Joy Bjorklund
Blackhawk Community Credit Union
Robert Blake
Michael and Kathleen Blankenheim
Thomas and Paula Blankenheim
Sandra and Howard Blauert
Beverly Block
Elaine Bloomfield
Andre and Anna Blum
Rodney and Jeanne Blum
Ralph and Elizabeth Blumer
William Boehme
J. and Grace Boelk
Gary and Susan Bohn
Edward and Lorrie Boldon
Jerome and Ellen Bolles
Robert and Laurie Bollig
R. and B. Bolton
James and Sheryl Bolton
Robert and Anne Bolz
Nancy Books
Peter Borden
Adam and Kathleen Borseth
Jean Bourgeois
Richard and Connie Brachman
James Bradley
Larry and Patti Brant
John Breight
Donald and Evelyn Breitenbach
Howard and Caryl Bremer
Mary Brennan
Robert and Iris Brigham
Harland and Gloria Bright
Wesley and Sonja Brill
Kathryn Brimmer
Lewis and Lynda Brinkley
William and Joan Brock
Broderick & Company
Robert and Lois Brody
Ronald Brovelli
Carlton and Helen Brown
Cameron and Sybil Brown
Gregory and Anna-Louise Brown
David Brown
Michael and Margot Brozost
Armin Brudi
Gordon and Lois Brunsell
Richard and Mildred Brus
Dennis and Barbara Brush
George and Patricia Bryan
Douglas and Wendy Buehl
Ken Buell
Erwin and Marguerite Bulgrin
Jeannine Bultman
Robert and Katherine Burris
Donna and Albert Buskager
Edward and Janice Busse
Janice Busse
Larry and Sheryl Butson
Thomas and Elizabeth Butterbrodt
Gloria Byer
Rodney and Susan Byers
Will and Joan Byram
Martin and Lorraine Cadwallader
Jeffrey Calder
Thomas and Barbara Callahan
Richard and Marilyn Callaway
Kent and Lynn Calloway
Gerald and Patricia Cardo
Charles and Nancy Carpenter
William and Louise Carr
Jovita Carranza
Bruce and Kristin Carroll
Duane and Donna Casper
Glen Hills United Fund
Arthur and Beverly Castro
Castle Bank
Ann Catlett
Gerald and Mary Censky
William Cerny
Clifford and Lucille Chaffee
Tony and Julie Chang
George and Agathe Charbonneau
Mark and Barbara Charlton
Charter Communications
Ramon and Janet Chesner
Martin and Susan Chiaro
Lyle and Carolyn Christenson
Roberta Christian
Raymond and Memee Chun
Roger and J. Clark
Virginia Clark
Colleen Clary
James and Charlene Cleasby
Jeanne and Alfred Cleland
Kelly and Mayre-Lee Clifton
James and Cynthia Clum
Coca-Cola Atlantic Bottling Company
Corine and Robert Cohn
John and Lois Coleman
Tamara Coleman
Robert and Patricia Collins
Sandra Collins
Robert and Mary Colvin
Community Foundation of Collier County
Community Foundation - Fox Valley
Robert Conlin
Michael and Nancy Connell
Marvin and Mildred Conney
James and Zoe Connor
Thomas and Joyce Connors
Eldre Cook
Robert and Bernice Cook
John and Judy Copp
Kenneth Corcoran
Mark and Kristine Corey
Harold and Dawn Corless
Cornerstone Advisors, Inc.
Charles and Blanche Cornwell
Kathleen Corrigan
Theresa Corwith
Maribeth Cousin
Gene and Paula Craft
William and Judith Craig
Brian Craig
Calvin and Patricia Cramer
Tyrone and Therese Cratic
Edward Craze
Frances and Garvin Cremer
Gerald and Phyllis Crohn
Mary Cromey
Margaret Crull
Ralph and Joan Cullen
Thomas and Susan Cunningham
Patrick and Mary Curtin
Robert and Jean Curtin
Thomas Curtis
Martin and Shirley Dable
Karl and Susan Dahlen
James and Susan Dahlk
Herbert and Brenda Dahlman
Seth Dailey
Blair and Patricia Dalton
Dane County Title Company, Inc.
Vera Daniels
Jerome and Annette Daniels
Cattle Sales & Leasing
Anthony and Evelyn Darin
Robert and Donna Darling
Paul and Joan Davenport
Mary Davidson
G. and Shirley Davie
Wild Rose 'One Fund' Drive
Gale and Cynthia Davis
Ellen Davis
Lawrence Day
Helen De Groot
David and Kathryn De Mets
Alfred and Bernice De Simone
Carol and Thomas DeBruin
Carter and Joyce Dedolph
John and Beth Degler
James and Judy DeMuth
Wisconsin Capital Chapter-ONS
Jane Dennis
Dennis Deppisch
Richard and Nancy DeRauf
Design Concepts, Inc.
Herbert and Mary Desnoyers
John and Susan Dickens
Duane and Donna Dickie
David Diehl
Ronald and Audrey Dierks
Donald and Claryce Dierschke
Alan and Linda Dietrich
Wisconsin CUES Council
Dale and Alice Doering
David and Nora Dohler
Richard Dolan
Ronald Dommershausen
Gloria Donsing
Craig Dopf
Charles and Joan Dorgan
Russell and Susan Doty
Mary Doucette
Doylestown Charities Fund
John and Josephine Draeger
Gary and Kimberly Draeger
Donald and Carole Draheim
David and Mary Drake
Gordon and Maureen Drake
Harold and Mary Drecktrah
Gary and Mary Dreifuerst
Joseph and Eileen Dresser
James and Jane Drill
Walter and Nanette Dryburgh
James and Nancy Dudley
Mark and Nury Duerst
Linn and Ann Duesterbeck
John and Jean Duncanson
Loyal and Bernice Durand
Cherie and Richard Durfee-Smith
C. Raymond and Mary Durkee
Durrant Group
Stanley DuRose
Edward and C. Kay Dusheck
Stephen and Melanie Dvorak
Thomas and Nena Dyhr
Bernard and Charlene Easterday
Robert and Susan Eckhardt
Roberta Eden
Richard Effress
Randall and Kari Eggert
The University Bookstore
Bruce and Rosemary Ehr
Ernest and June Ehrbar
Sharon and Jerry Ehrmeyer
Jane Eisner
Charles and Mary Elliott
EMD Chemicals, Inc
James and Lynne Emerick
Thomas and Barbara Emerick
Vincent and Lorraine Endres
David and Patricia Endres
Wayne Eng and Terry Kahlert Eng
Oliver and Jane Enge
Michelle Engelhart
Douglas and Beverly England
William and Gail Engler
Thomas Ennis
Edward and Brenda Ensley
Louisa Enz
Dick and Frances Erney
Mark and Regina Etzel
Eugene and Donna Everding
Thomas Everson
Greg and Diane Evert
Excelas, LLC
Jane Eychaner
Ralph and Judith Fabricius
Paul and Monica Fahrni
Gene and Lillian Fairbank
Joel and Rhonda Fait
Faith Community Church
Kate Falaschi
Audrey Falk
Jeffrey and Terri Farley
Mary Farley
James E. and Leslie Farmer
James P. and Jeanie Farmer
Alice Farrelly
Dwight and Christina Fawcett
Stuart and Carol Feen
Harriet Feil
William and Susan Feitlinger
Sidney and Betty Felder
Ardys and Donald Fenner
Thomas Ferris
Charles and Nancy Fetter
Robert and Marlene Fey
Ronald and Joanne Fiedler
Patricia and Harold Fiedler
Nancy Fielder
Florence Filley
Kendall and Shirley Finger
Gerald and Penny Fink
Malcolm and Sheila Finnane
First National Bank of Berlin
John and Josephine Fischer
Frederick Fischer
Lee and Kay Fisher
Ellen Fisher
Avis Fisher
Marine Credit Union
Marshall and Lisa Flax
Donna Fleming
Roger Flickinger
Brian and Shelly Flier
Lester and Janet Floeter
Kaj and Karen Foget
John and Karolyn Foley
David and Jennifer Foley
John Ford
Robert and Alvia Forsberg
Marian Forseth
Caroline Foster
John and M. Foster
Duane and Kathleen Foulkes Foundation, Inc.
Mike Fox
Robert and Kathleen Frambs
James and Joyce Frank
Ruth Franke
Margaret Franklin
June Franklin
Kathy Frater
Marvin Freedman
Kurt and Margaret Frehner
Ann and James Frehner
Jannan and Eldon Freiburger
Elliot Freifeld
Arthur and Patricia Freihoefer
Christopher and Ellen Freitag
Norman and Mary Frenzel
Gene and Bev Freye
Michael Friebe
Roger and Elaine Friede
Arnold Friedman
Norman Friedman
Harvey and Carol Friedman
Roberta Friedman
Thelma Friedman
Earl and Janice Friis
Elmer and Jean Friske
Earl Fritzke
Marvin and Beatrice Fruth
Freddie Fu
Gerald and Betty Fuller
Charles Fuller
Walter and Janet Fumuso
Leola Gabel
Charles Gabel
Roger and Nancy Gall
Premier Dance Academy, LLC
John and Ann Gallagher
Carol Garro
Russell and Bernadine Gasser
Ramona and Robert Gasser
Gerald and Betty Gast
James and Patricia Gaugert
Greg Gaulke
Arne and Deloris Gausmann
Catherine Gavinski
Adam Gehrke
Timothy Geier
Grant and Nancy Gelhar
Charles Gerardi
Alfred and Lorena Gerbitz
Gerlach Wholesale Flooring, Inc.
Carl and Sheila Getto
George and Virginia Gibert
Delores Gibson
Edward and Patricia Gibson
Thomas and Beth Giese
E. Dale and Mary Gilbert
Dolores Gilberts
Dolores and Herbert Gill
James and Kim Gilmore
Rebecca Gilson
William and Julie Gladbach
Jeff Glass
Bradley and Deborah Gleason
Roy and Jean Glise
Norman Pauline Godfrey
Susan Goldberg
Clarence and Dorothy Goldsworthy
Tom and Susan Goldsworthy
Fred Golen
Nerma Gollin
Dorothy Gollmar
Josephine Gombar
Michael and Sonia Gonzalez
Theodore Goodfriend and Mary Lou Birkett Goodfriend
Scott Goodger
F. and Janet Gordon
Mark and Lorrita Gorman
Gotham Telecom, Inc
Guy Gottschalk
Donald and Yvonne Gottschalk
Robert and Katherine Gould
John Gould
John and Joan Grace
Doris Graf
Carl and Nancy Graf
Grand Hyatt Las Vegas
Suzanne Granger
Douglas Grant
Vickie Grap
Charles and Christine Gratz
Judith Green
Great Dane Development, LLC
Great Wisconsin Credit Union
Greater Milwaukee Foundation, Inc
Group Health Cooperative
Edward and Virginia Gschwind
Joseph and Sandra Guerard
David and Marie Gullerud
Joyce and Clifford Gust
Frank Guth
Gymfinity Gymnastics
Robert and Harriet Gysbers
Margaret Haack
Heidi Haeberli
Ruben and Ramona Hagen
Raymond Hager
Cletus and Shirley Hahn
William and Glenice Halfman
David and Nancy Halford
John and Irma Hall
Gerri and Harlan Hall
George and Lois Hallam
Phillip and Ruth Halverson
Gary Hamblin
Janice Hamer
Georgia Hammersley
Gregory and Connie Hammill
Hammy's Roadside Bar
Alice and Terry Hampton
Carlton and Mary Hansen
Herb and Karen Hanson
David and Linda Hanson
Darlene Hanson
Paul and Sarah Harari
Beth Hardman
Wendell and Elaine Harker
Richard and Jan Harland
James and Donna Harrington
Marion Harrington
Floyd and Joan Harris
Larry and Beatrice Harris
Farres Harrison
Turner and Mary Harshaw
Darrell Hartmann
Forrest Hartmann
Christopher Harvath
Peter and Colleen Hasler
David Haswell
Fred and Jane Hathaway
Thomas and Diane Haye
H. and Kristine Heckman
Paul and Vanessa Hees
Roger and Judy Heilert
David Heim Insurance Agency
Eugene and Veryl Hein
David and Charlene Hein
Paul and Patricia Heiser
Ruth Heitz
Raymond and Barbara Heldt
Hans and Marjorie Helland
Vernon and Donna Hellenbrand
Judy Hellenbrand
Marsha Heller
Edith Hencke
Philip and Suzanne Henderson
Carina Henderson
Robert and Marjorie Henkel
Willard and Dolores Henken
Charles and Patricia Henrikson
Paul and Molly Henry
Jane Henry
Frank and Delores Herdzina
David Hering
Gregg and Susan Herman
Viola Herman
Becker Hermanson
Howard and Lillian Herriot
Mark and Patricia Herrling
Gregory and Donna Herzfeldt
Robert and Beverly Hess
John Hess
Muriel Higgins
Karen Hiles
Jerome and Alice Hill
Evan and Velma Hinrichs
Richard Hirsh
Kenneth and Dolores Hobbs
James and Barbara Hodder
Richard and Sharon Hodge
Robert and RetaMae Hoege
James and Sheri Hoerchner
Glenn and Michelle Hofer
Michael and Holly Hoffer
Robert and Shirley Hoffman
Loren and Anita Hoffmann
Tony Hoffmann
James and Shirley Hoffmann
Shirley Hojnacki
Kyle Holen and David Bedrin
Roumaine and Kathy Holland
Anne Holmbeck
R.L. Holz
David and Stephanie Honan
Honold Family Trust
George and Helen Hoopman
Arnold Hope
Gregory and Lynne Hopkins
Carol Horlamus
Janet Hornback
James and Lucille Hornung
William and Carolyn Horton
William and Susan Hotz
Gillian Hotz
Albert and Lois Hough
John and Kathryn Houtsma
Homer and Marjorie Howard
Roy and Joanne Howard
Charles and Julia Howell
Marshall & Ilsley Bank
Richard and Eugenia Hoy
Larry and Mary Hudack
Daniel and Erika Huebsch
James and Leonette Huffer
Russell and Margaret Huffer
Lands End Joanie Hugan
Richard Hughes
Raymond and Inez Hultner
Erik Humlie
Patricia Huyett
IBM Southeast Employees Federal CU
Dale and Elinor Ihlenfeldt
James and Sharon Ihrig
Richard Illgen
Robert and Mary Imming
Oliver and Shirley Irgens
Peggy Ishmael
Brice and Julie Jackson
Janet Jacobs
The Albert P. and Loretta M Jacques Fund
Paul and Charlotte Jaeger
Julie Jagemann
Richard and Louise Jahnke
Julie Jakubowski
James and Mary Jansen
Eugene and Lori Jasper
Dale and Joan Jennerjohn
A. Paul and Aileen Jensen
Vernon and Barbara Jesse
Jewish Federation of Metropolitan Chicago
Charles and Marie Joers
Kenneth and Marilyn Johnson
Lawrence and Eleanor Johnson
Doris and Willard Johnson
David and Anita Johnson
Gary and Lynn Johnson
Elizabeth Johnson
Millard and Mary Johnson
John and Margaret Johnson
Johnson Asset Management, Inc
Ted Jones and Diane Felsted-Jones
Lee and Rosemary Jones
Dean Jordan
George and Martha Josheff
JT Whitney's
David and Jean Juedes
Martin and Rita Kades
Brad and Shannon Kahl
Keith and Georgina Kahl
Michelle Kahl-Parham
Darlene Kallaus
Lois Kalmbach
Donald and Christine Kalscheur
Steven Kalscheur
Leeds Charity Fund
John Kaney
Albert and Dolores Kanner
Thomas and Phyllis Kanter
Barbara Karavolas
Carl and Patricia Karcher
Frederick and Joyce Karg
Robert and Ruth Karkow
Virginia Karstaedt
Everett and Doris Kasmiskie
Ben and Lois Kaster
Jeannine Kaufman
Barton Kayser
William and Mary Keane
Gregory and Susan Keehn
James Keene
Arnold Kehrli
Steven and Angeliki Kellner
Robert and Dorothy Kelly
John Kelly
Daniel and Keri Kelsey
Mary Kennedy
Robert and Kathleen Kenney
Daniel and Ann Kettler
Howard and Mary Kidd
Sheila Kiener
Delores and Glendon Kiger
Tim and Robin Kimmel
Ronald and Barbara King
Anthony Kiorpes
Jack and Nancy Kirby
Merrill and Eleanor Kirkpatrick
David and Kathy Kistler
James and Jennifer Kitchell
Timothy Kitzinger
Albert and Madge Klais
Kurt Klapperich and Mary Ann Steiner
Anne Klaprat
Jeffrey and Mary Klees
Thomas and Mary Klein
Herbert and Bernice Kliebard
Delbert Kliebenstein
Elaine Klingenmeyer
Dorothy and Roy Klink
Margaret and Harland Klipstein
Michael and Patricia Knapp
James and Susan Knapstein
Sharon Knoop
Donald and Carol Knox
Raymond Knudtson
Suzanne Koch
Donald and Mary Koehn
Lois Koenig
Erwin Koenig
Wayne and Patricia Koessl
Gerald Kolschowsky
Joseph and Carol Komanecki
Jeffrey and Kimberly Kopelman
Carole Kortenhof
LaSalle Bank Kathy Kos
Donald and Jean Koskinen
Kenneth Kostecki
Walter and Ruth Krahenbuhl
Wilfred and Grace Krajco
Clement and LuAnn Kratochwill
Daniel and Doris Kratzke
Irene Kreutzmann
Matthew Krieger
Jeffrey Krieger
Jacquelyn Kriewaldt
Raymond and Carol Krizmanic
Thomas Krueger
Carol Krupke
Henry and Caroline Kubicki
Raymond and Louise Kubista
Donald and Betty Kuhls
Paul and Connie Kunick
Kathleen Kurtz
Charles and Linda Kushner
Michael and Debra Kutchin
Jerome and Joan Kuypers
John and Catherine Kyles
Charlotte La Comb
Robert and Candace La Macchia
Robert La Mar
Sean and Stacy LaBorde
Jill Ladwig
Robert and Susan Laemmrich
James and Shirley Lake
Mihailo and Jodi Lalich
Jeffrey and Kathleen Lammers
The Landen Foundation
Gregory Landry
Violet Landsness
Gerald Lang and Maria Weber
Lisa Lang-Reigel
Henry and Charlotte Lange
Mary Lange
Langeley Federal Credit Union
Stanley Langer
Robert and Gayle Langer
Hilbert and Margaret Langrehr
Raymond and Dorothy Larsen
Larsen-Winchester Lioness Club
Paul and Margaret Larson
Daniel and Martha Larson
Richard Latta
Welsey Lauer
Lynn and Mary Jane Laufenberg
Mary-Lynn Lavine
Peggy Lavold
Ben and Joan Lawhorn
Mary Layde
Nancy Layng
R. Lazarz
Meriter Health Services
Phillip and Arlene Lee
Chapman and Tera Leffingwell
James Lehman
Meyer and Jennifer Lehman
Lisa Lehman
Larry and Jan Lehmann
Michael and Mary Leitch
Roy and Nancy Lembcke
August and Charlyne Lemberger
Richard Lemon
Frank and Harriet Lenhart
Jan Lennon
James and Elaine Leonard
Richard and Beth Lepping
Todd and Mary Leuthner
Marvin Levy
James Lewis
Michael and Elizabeth Lichtenberger
Libs & Adlibs Bowling League
George and Kathleen Lightbourn
Phyllis Linder
Steve and Janet Lindholm
John Lindholm
George and Beverly Lindquist
Jane Lindsay
George Lingel
Hope Linton
Michael and Kathleen Lipp
John and Martha Lippitt
Gerald Lipson
Christopher and Melissa Livingston
Robert and Marilyn Lloyd
Local 95 UAW
Lucille and Thomas LoCicero
Helen and Arthur Lodge
George and Mavis Loeschner
Jay and Janet Loewi
Carmen Lomenzo
Robert and Sara Long
Willis and Ginger Long
Marc and Charlene Longino
John Loranger
Edgar and Vilja Lorenzsonn
Thomas Lother
Peter and Katherine Lovance
Dane County Credit Union
The Anne & Fred Luber Foundation
James and Janice Lucht
Robert and Dorothy Luening
Donna and James Luessman
Gerhard and Sonja Luetschwager
Gary Lukken
Brian Lund
Karen Lundquist
Thomas and Irene Lynch
Jane Lyons
Marian MacCarthy
William and Jean MacDonald
Shirlene Mack
Dennis and Valerie Mack
Catherine Mackin
Charles and Evelyn Maclean
Rae Madar
Kathleen Madison
Madison Jewish Community Council
Madison Motorcycle Club
Ernest and Helen Madsen
Kevin Magee Susan Connell-Magee
Michael and Diane Maloney
John Maloney
Diane Maloney
Muriel Malsch
Gary and Constance Maples
Harvey Marcus
D.H. and Rosmarie Marcy
Howard and Marci Margolis
Dennis and Kay Marinelli
Charles and Cynthia Marshall
James and Vera Martin
Roger Martinson
Donald Marx
Masters Building Solutions
J. and Sally Mathison
Keith and Gayle May
John and Joyce McAnelly
Marilyn McArdle
Paul and Linda McBride
Martha McCann and Theresa Harvath
Cam McCarthy
Peter and Ellen McCarville
Mac and Joan McCaughn
Richard and Janice McCormick
Kristine McElligott
Ronald McFall and Debbie McFall
Robert and Verda McFarlane
Linda McGivern
Patricia McGovern
Neil McLaughlin Laura Bowles
Michael McManus
Florence McNett
James and Donna Meacham
Howard and Nancy Mead
Lorraine and Elinor Meek
Brian Meier and Mekel Wiederholt Meier
Larry Deloris Meiners
Joseph and Marygold Melli
Marvin and Frances Mengeling
Robert and Susan Merriam
Gary and Sally Messner
V. and Margaret Metcalfe
Edward Meverden
Paul and Elise Meyer
Maxine and Eugene Meyer
Bruce Meyer
James and Bette Meyers
Michels Corporation
Amy Michie
David and Carol Mickelson
Robert and Judith Mickelson
Middleton Lions Club
Gary Miller
Mary Sue Miller
Donald and Arletta Miller
William and Iris Miller
Robert and Jill Miller
Robert and Nancy Miller
Marilyn Milligan
Louis and Kimberly Mindar
Kevin and Leslie Mitchell
James and Rita Mitchell
James and Mary Ann Mitchell
Dawn Mitchell
Jan Moffat
Arnold and Aletha Mohlman
Daniel and M. Mohs
Irvin Moldenhauer
Timothy and Susan Monahan
John and Betty Monnett
Phillip and Ruth Montgomery
Patrick and Dawn Moran
Anthony and Sharlene Morello
Lee and Mari Lynn Moritz
Stuart and Janet Morse
Dottie Moseley
Benny and Brenda Moten
Kurt and Annette Mueller
James and Shirley Mueller
Arvilla Mueller
Timothy and Jacquelyn Muldowney
Susan Muldowney
Daniel Mulkerin
Mary Mullaney
Douglas and Shirley Mullen
Richard and De De Munz
Susan Murphy
William Murphy
Margaret Murphy
Gene and Beatrice Musolf
Walter and Nancy Naab
Patrick and Jill Nadler
Donovan Nagel
Susan Neely
Duane and Elizabeth Neitzel
Steven Nelesen
John and Shirley Nelesen
Richard Nell
C. Richard and Roberta Nelson
Robert Nelson
Thomas Nelson
Maurice and Betty Nelson
Charles and Gail Nemeckay
Blaise and Stacy Nemeth
Warren and Paula Nesbitt
Lyle and Lois Nestingen
Frank and Andrea Neu
Kim Neuhauser
Elizabeth and Kent Newell
Kenneth and Joann Neyhard
John and Jane Niebler
David and Linda Nielsen
A. Nielsen
Kenneth and Vivian Niemeyer
Gene Niesen
Nigrelli Systems, Inc.
Edwin and Ellen Noehre
John and Lori Nolan
David and Susan Norby
H.G. and Mary Nordling
James Norman
Harold and Isabel Norsman
Tom and Gail Novacheck
Robert and Marilyn Novinska
Charles Novy
Nu-Roc Community Healthcare
Armin and Rita Nyffeler
Paula and Beth Ann Nylander
James and Monica O'Brien
Robert O'Connor
Neil and Patricia O'Connor
Patrick and Amaria O'Leary
Bernard and Sarah O'Reilly
Beatrice and Anthony Occhietti
Mary Odell
Mark and Susan Oleinik
Michael and Joni Oliphant
James and Sharon Olle
James and Anne Olson
Judd and Tracy Olson
Roy Olson
Kent and Mary Olson
Greg and Onken Onken
One Plus One Mothers of Multiples Club
Peter and Artie Orlik
Ryan Orvis
Jean Orvold
Thomas and Romana Ostrowski
Norma Otterson
Joseph and Mary Ousley
Gary Overboe
Ozaukee Bank
Asher Pacht
Elizabeth Paddock
Rick Page
Thomas and Elaine Pagedas
George Pahios
Dino and Janice Paielli
Norman and Valeria Pakes
Charles and Diane Palma
Jerome and Janice Palzkill
James and Carol Pandoli
Richard and Elizabeth Pannier
Harry and Virginia Papcke
William and Kelly Pappano
Parker Community Credit Union
Eugene and Darline Parvin
Jon Passman
Tara Passow
Thomas Patch
Richard and Rachel Paull
Russell and Dorothy Paulsen
William and Susan Paulson
PC/Namtag, Inc
Karen and Bruce Pederson
Robert and Ingrid Pels
Donald Penberthy
Audrey Pendergast
Alan Penn
Robert and Judith Penrod
Adrian and Elaine Perachio
Bruce Perchik and Barbara Nichols-Perchik
Merle and Barbara Perkins
Joseph and Lisa Perrizo
Amanda Perry
Richard and Martha Peterson
Marinus Petri
John Pettinger
Alain and Jill Peyrot
Donald and Linda Pfahler
L. and Susan Phelps
J. and Patricia Phillips
Delores Phillips
Jerry Picucci
Margaret Pierce
John Pietuch
Cecil and Katheren Pittack
PKH Investment Company, Inc.
Jeff Plantz
Plumb Trust Company
Wilfred and Frances Polzer
Judith Porter
Tommy Porter Bowling Open
Darin and Betsy Powers
Matthew and Kelly Prescott
Prescott Family Foundation
Micheal Prestigiacomo
Irwin and Joyce Probstein
Charles and Rose Pruett
Mary and De Lore Prust
Brian Pung Mary Mandl-Pung
Quad/Graphics, Inc.
Richard and Sharon Quale
Raymond and Carolyn Quick
James and Lisa Quick
J. Douglas and Karen Quick
Tim and Edda Quigley
Elizabeth Raabe
Jay Radlund
Richard and Laurita Radtke
Ryan Radtke Kathy Gore
Lynn and Joan Radtke
Robert and Elizabeth Ragan
Jeff and Karen Raizen
James and Michelle Rameker
Charles and Lucille Ramshaw
Jeffrey and Marlyce Randall
Eric Rapp
Daniel and Patricia Rashke
Harold and Thelma Rasmussen
James and Elizabeth Rasmussen
Roger and Nancy Rathke
Bruce Ravid
Mark and Marianne Raymond
Steve and Angela Read
Ann Reber
Sam and Toby Recht
Michael and Irene Redmond
Don and Carol Reeder
Jonathan Reepmeyer
Jim Refsguard
Richard and Susan Reichardt
Timothy and Janet Reilley
Peggy Reilly
Frederic Reimer
Elizabeth Reinartz
Leonard and Doris Reindl
Jack and Jo Ann Reiners
James and Dawn Reininger
Gordon and Janet Renschler
Diane Reppert
Elliott Resneck
Margaret Rewald
James and Marilyn Rice
RMR Financial Advisors Elaine Rich
Bill Ridgely
Joan Riechman
James and Alyce Riedl
Don Riegelman Kathryn Rouse
Debra Riesterer
Marguerite Rietveld
Robert and Vera Riley
Ramon and Eloise Riley
Mary Riley-Hill
Gerald and Armella Ring
Helen Ring
Lois and Donald Ritari
Lila and Wayne Ritchie
Mark and Karla Ritter
Peter and Carrie Ritz
Peter and Renee Rizzo
Daniel and Karen Roach
Kenneth and Sandra Roach
James Roberson
F. and Carole Roberts
Eldon and Eileen Roesler
John and Jann Roethe
Neal Rogers
Bruce Rogers
David Rogers
Rolland and Margaret Roggensack
Martin and Linda Rohn
Donald Rolain
Harold and Nancy Rollette
David Rolnick
Thomas and Martha Romberg
Wanda Rood
Alden Ross
Richard and Lois Rossmiller
Richard and Joann Rost
Richard and Kathleen Rostad
Sonia Sue Rotar
William and Blanche Roth
Stephen and Kathleen Rothering
Arlene and Herhel Rotter
Royal and Muriel Rotter
Jeff and Ginny Rottier
Donald and Linda Rough
Steven and Jody Rough
Jane Rouleau
Michael and Bernadette Routhieaux
Robert and Connie Royko
Robert and Jane Ruf
Pauline and Roger Rusch
William and Rhonda Rushing
Sandra Ruskin
Adam and Britt Ryan
Denise Ryan
Nancy Ryan
Ronald and Mary Lee Ryan
Clayton and Joan Ryder
Larry Rytel
Larry and June Saevre
Greater Saint Louis Community Foundation
James and Susan Sake
Leo and Martha Sakowsky
Glenn and Lucille Salter
Andrew Sama
Allan Sampson
Edward R. and Carol P. Sanders Family Fund
Gregory and Ann Santaga
Thomas and Mary Saphner
Daniel Sapiro Suzanne LaFleur
Thomas and Jennifer Sato
Robert and Jennifer Sawicki
Donald and Sherry Ann Schaefer
Elizabeth Schalmo
Janice and G. Schefelker
Susan Scherl
Earl and Adeline Schiefelbein
Gary Schildt
Otto and Mariam Schiller
Jean and William Schilling
Caren Schimmel
Ray and Carolyn Schirmer
James Schleifer
Ernst and Faith Schlieter
Charles Schmeling
Becky Schmidt
Krista Schmidt
Paul and Cecilia Schmidt
James and Nancy Schmitt
Peter and Colleen Schmitz
Roger and Jolene Schnabel
Craig Schneider
Dolly Schoenberg
Cynthia Schoepp
Jeanne Schoepp
David School
Mary Schoonover
Randy Schorr
Schorr Construction, Inc.
James and Nancy Schroeder
James and Jean Schuenke
Ronald and Barbara Schuler
Michael and Lynn Schulta
Dorothy and George Schultz
Robert and Joyce Schumpp
Jeffrey and Lynne Schuster
Steven and Wende Schuster
Judith Schuster
Steven and Doris Schwartz
Russell and Jacquelyn Schwei
Troy and Melinda Schwenn
Owen and Nancy Schwerdtfeger
Ronald and Adele Schwoegler
Robert and Lana Scott
D. Douglas and Judith Scott
Sedlock & Associates Daniel Sedlock
James and Cynthia See
Steven Segall Joan Rothberg
Patricia Seggelink
Leonard and Dotty Seidl
James and Barbara Seifriz
Timothy and Lisa Semmann
Roger and Margery Senn
Scott and Linda Severson
Kieth Seward
Doris and Darryl Shain
James and Jean Sharer
Gwendolyn Sharratt
Robert and Rosemary Shea
Carol Shier
Neil and Jacqueline Shively
Sirius Networks, LLC
Michael and Ethel Siemion
Dave Sigurslid
David and Elizabeth Silverberg
James and Donna Simerson
Deb and Annie Simon
Francis and Rosemary Simonis
Marcia and Thomas Singer
Donald and Janet Sipes
Terrence and Catherine Skelding
Daniel and Dana Skemp
Peter and Norma Skroch
F. and Jacqueline Sladky
Helen Slavens
Larry and Kathy Sliffe
Ronald Sloop
Kurt and Peggy Slowinski
Mark Small
Daniel Small
Diane Small
John Smith
George and Sara Smith
Gordon and Shirley Smith
Clayton and Mary Jane Smith
Lanny and Margaret Smith
Michael and Debra Smith
Donald and Marjorie Smith
James and Kelley Smith
Donald and Kathleen Smith
Charles and Jean Smoots
Joseph and Stacy Soderholm
Albert and Joyce Solochek
Lawrence and Sally Soltis
Mark and Cynthia Solverud
David Sommerfeld
Robert and Judith Sommerfeld
Louis and Sherrie Sommerfeld
Southern Lakes Credit Union
Philip and Mary Jane Southworth
Jay and Lou Ann Spaanem
James Spano
Eloise Sparger
Francis and Clarice Speck
Lisa Spence
Harry and Bonnie Spiegelberg
Rick Spiel
Michael Spierer
Lilah and Leslie Sprecher
Ivan and Elizabeth Springstead
Sportsman's Retreat
David and Lois Spude Garrity
Ronald and Mary Staben
Sally Stanek
Dean and Pamela Statz
Brian and Kelly Statz
Henry and Kathleen Steare
Russell and Kathie Stearns
Dennis Stearns
Ronald Stec
James and Vana Steffen
Irvine and Charlotte Stein
Mark Stellpflug
John Stellpflug
Ellen Stephenson
John Stephenson
Ralph and Bonnie Stephenson
Kenneth and Mary Stevens
Robert and Janet Stevens
Grant and Amy Stevens
Jessica Stewart
Frank and Margaret Stiles
Ralph and Melba Stockhausen
Philip and Marcy Stoddard
Bruce and Jane Stoehr
James and Jennifer Stolen
Harriet Stoll
Jane Stoltz
Charles and Tanya Stone
William and Muriel Stoneman
Sigrud and Maxyne Stottrup
Mary Kay Strachota
John and Kathryn Straka
David and Sandy Street
Fred and Kathleen Strey
Gregory and Elaine Strom
Seward and Margaret Stroud
Strunk & Associates, LP
David and Margaret Stute
Su Casa, Inc
Yuri and Hiroshi Sugiyama
Nona Suhr
Summit Accounting Group
Frederick and Mary Sundby
Ronald and Frances Swann
John and Suzanne Swanson
Philip and Penelope Symes
Mark Synnes
Laura Taff
Travis and Vicki Tank
Kenneth and Nancy Taylor
Gina Taylor
Benton and Mary Taylor
Jim and Ken Taylor
Fred and Betty Terbilcox
Larry and Angie TerMaat
Ivan and Janice Terrill
Marilyn and Richard Terwilliger
Carol and Jerry Tessen
Anthony and Marlayne Testolin
Gerald and Priscilla Thain
Ursula Thomas
Robert and Juanita Thomasson
Sara Thompson
Marvin and Dolores Thompson
Beth Thompson
Sandra Thompson
Thomas Thomsen
John Thorpe
Jack and Elisabeth Thorpe
David and Kathryn Tiffany
Scott Todd
C. John and Barbara Tolch
Louie and Jo Ann Tomalak
Ray and Marion Tomlinson
Nicholas Topitzes
Tom and Dianne Totten
Artha and Thomas Towell
Hilda and Jesse Townsend
Transystems Corporation
Sue Trautwein
James and Mary Treible
Clifford Tribus
Betty Trombetta
Paul and Judith Trump
Walter and Viola Trzeciak
Jerald and Kendra Tutsch
UBS Foundation - Matching Gift Program
Jon and Susan Udell
John and Gail Underwood
UPS Foundation, Inc.
Rollo and Loralee Vallem
Margaret Van Alstyne
Judith Van Kirk
Ben Van Roo
Bart Van Roo
Ron Van Rossum
Condon and Mary Ann Vander Ark
Ray and Susan Vanderby
Jeane Vanderveer
Varco Pruden Buildings, Inc.
Neil and Eileen Vassau
David and Nancy Veenendaal
Mark Veith
Donald Venden
David Vergeront
Martha Vestling
Robert and Teresa Vetter
Charles Vetzner
Brian and Mary Vick
Jonathon Villemaire
Village Green Apartments
Russell Vogel and Dae Jahnke
Alan Vogt
Wayne and Dorcas Volk
Verne and Laverne Vollrath
Michael and Margaret Wachtel
Erwin and Joyce Waedow
Phyllis Wagner
Robert and Edna Wagner
David and Ruth Wagner
Otto Ruth Wagner
Dean and Susan Wagner
Corinne Wakeman
Arnold and Ellen Wald
Kane Walent
Dale and Nancy Walker
Beverly Walker
JoAnn Walker
Wendy Walker
Donald and Nancy Wallace
Timothy and Julie Wallen
Charles and Florence Walsdorf
Ted and Ruby Walton
Estate of Norma Wampler
Edward and Marie Wanke
Terry and Nary Warfield
Mark and Marilyn Warshauer
Jack and Mary Waterman
Ron and Diana Waterman
Lyle and Carol Watson
Kenneth and Beverly Watson
Robert and Bonnie Watson
Lester and Karen Watters
John and Susan Waxler
Paul and Carolyn Weaver
Mary Weaver
Susan Weber
Robert and Anne Weber
William and Karen Weber
Charles Webster
Frank and Suzanne Wedel
Robert and Shirley Wegenke
Frederick and Mary Wehmeyer
Conrad Weiffenbach
Robert Weigel
Dorothy Weigle
Allan and Marilyn Weinstein
Conrad and Donna Weis
Ruth Weisensel and Linda Reichert
Frank and Patricia Weiss
James and Ann Weiss
Larry and Amy Weiss
Thomas and Susan Welch
Wells Fargo Foundation
Wells Manufacturing Company
Harvey and Bonita Wendel
James and Jessica Wendt
Helen Wentz
Angela Wenzel
Betty Werner
Marie Wescott
Jay and Rosemary West
David and Sybil Westlake
Theodore and Nancy Widder
Widen Enterprises, Inc.
Peggy Wiederholt
Neil Wienke
William and Brenda Wilcox
William and Eileen Wild
Thomas and Mary Wilding
United Fund of Marion
Harold and Lorraine Wilkie
Paul and Nancy Will
Jane and Hubert Will
Anna Maria Williams
Nancy Williams
Williams Insurance
Laura Williams
Richard and Penelope Williams
Ruth Williams
Patricia Williams
William and Daisy Williamson
Judith Wilson
Gary and Catherine Wilson
Nan and Stanley Wilson
David and Elise Wilson
Charles Winternitz
Wisconsin State Journal
Wisconsin Youth Symphony Orchestras
Jack and Jane Wise
Paul and Kristi Wisniewski
Gene Woelfel
Joann Woelfel
Clarence Woelfel
Wayne and Laurel Woelfel
Karl and Barbara Woessner
Richard and Marilyn Wolf
Ronald and Barbara Wolfe
Gerald and Nancy Wolfe
John Wollaeger
Richard and Kristen Wollin
Bruce and Linda Wollpert
Joseph and Susan Wolters
Peter and Karen Wood
Oliver Wood
Elaine Wood
David Wood and Jane Doughty
Lance and Teresa Woods
John and Judith Worm
Ellen Wright
Harry and Joan Wright
Darrin and Kelly Wroblewski
William and Mardelle Wuerger
Erwin and Renate Wunn
Michael and Nancy Yaffe
Kenneth Yarnell
Julie Yearling
Cyril and Dora Yelk
Robert and Mary Yost
Gary Young Linda Roberson
Sol Zaichick
Bahman and Leila Zakeri
Steve Zambon
Glenn and Barbara Zastrow
Thomas and Catherine Zdeblick
Mary Ziegler
Dwight and Bonnie Ziegler
Sylvester and Margie Ziegler
Douglas and Patricia Ziegler
Richard Ziemann
H. William Zilisch
Frank and Diane Zillner
Donald and Cynthia Zimmerman
Nancy Zingg
Gary and Charlotte Zuerner
Frank and Linda Zuerner
Wesley and Beverly Zulty
Roger and Muriel Zwickey
Sarah Zylstra
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