Donors and Gifts to the UW Carbone Cancer Center $9,999 - $1,000


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The University of Wisconsin Carbone Cancer Center, the only comprehensive cancer center in Wisconsin, would like to thank all donors who help our organization maintain its leading role in innovative research initiatives, compassionate cancer care and education for the public and health care professionals.


Donors listed are from July 1, 2008 through June 30, 2009.




$9,999 - $1,000




Adrenalin Outdoors Inc.
Advanced Dermatology and Mohs Surgery
Ronald E. and Sonja Ahlert
Murad Alam
Albany School District
Daniel M. and Eleanor Albert
Michael J. Albom
Arnold P. and Sally E. Anderson
Lavonne C. Arndt
Dean J. Arnold
Automation Components Inc.
Franz Backus
Badger Jim Beam Club
Baird Foundation
Robert W. Baird and Co. Inc.
Baker Tilly Virchow Krause LLP
James J. Bakke
Allan L. and Paulette Beerkircher
Gary and Joan M. Bernegger
Stephen A. and Trudy Bernsten
Robert J. and Donna G. Betzig
Sandra S. Bilgri
Michael M. and Bonnie J. Bogen
Edward I., Jr. and Lorrie J. Boldon
Oscar C. Boldt
Booth Creek Management Corp.
Alan J. Bridges
David C. Brown
Douglas B. Brown
Frank J. and Joann S. Bucaida
Kenneth M. and Mary S. Burbach
Frank E. and Bonnie Burgess
CNK Liquor LLC
Campbell Scientific Inc.
Cancer Crusaders Inc.
Paul P. Carbone MD Memorial Foundation
Mary Carbone
Kurt S. and Ruth M. Carlson
Choose Hope Inc.
Cogdell Spencer Erdman
James R. and Zoe E. Connor
CO-Op Financial Services
Covance Laboratories North America
Credit Union Executives Society (CUES)
Loeta R. Cress
J. P. Cullen
CUNA Mutual Group
Richard D'Orazio and Victoria Katsuma
Patrick M. and Kathryn A. Daly
Peter G. Davis
Roland B. and Mary J. P. Day
DeForest Area High School
Dells Area Cyclists
Joanne S. Devries
John A. Dickens
Discoverer's Fund Inc.
Christopher Doerr
William F. Sr. and Alexandra S. Dove
Harold G. Drecktrah
William B. and Carol L. Dresser
Community Foundation of Southern Wisconsin
Roger N. Duhl
Alan W. and Elizabeth Dunwiddie
Gary R. Edge, Sr. and Catherine M. Ahrens
Valerie S. Egem
Charles H. Eis
EMD Serono
Donald D. and Susan S. Emerich
James E. Engeler, Jr.
Epicentre Biotechnologies Corp.
Richard A. and Frances L. Erney
ETA Chapter Of Kappa Kappa Gamma
James E. Ethington
John T. V. and Gloria J. Etter
Evergreen Management Inc.
George A. Fait
Roger H. Faivre and Vickie A. Hernan-Faivre
Gordon T. and Judith R. Faulkner
Fred Fenster
Gregg C. and Beverly K. Fergus
Russell G. and Janet E. Ferris
Ronald R. and Joanne M. Fiedler
V. Kirt and Dixie L. Fiegel
Gerald F. and Penny M. Fink
Clarence Firari
Fisher Scientific
Eugene R. Fitzgerald
Robert and Angela Flannery
Barbara B. Gambino
Garden Walk
Gary Garlock
Genentech Incorporated
General Electric Foundation
George T. Gialamas
Mark F. Giesfeldt
Grand Chapter Order of the Eastern Star of Wisconsin
Mary F. Granger
Green Bay Packers
Judith N. Green
Olga Grkavac
Robert A. Grossenbach, Jr.
Chris Gunnare
Hadaya Arabians LLC
Glenice Y. Halfman

William A. and Patricia J. Halvorson
Lewis P. and Lorraine H. Hanson
Nancy Hanson
Paul M. Harari
James H. Hegenbarth
Higrade Manufacturing Company LLC
James W. and Anne Hill
Kenneth S. Hobbs, II
Holiday Wholesale Inc.
Yvonne G. Holmes
Steven P. Howard
James L. Hoyt
Philipp L. Hunkel Memorial Research Fund
Estate of Dean L. Hunzicker
Elayne and Stan Hurd
Insite Selection Services Int'l
Fred B. Johnson
Kim G. and Margo M. Kalepp
Brian T. and Mary Kaye
Terence F. and Mary W. Kelly
Kettle Moraine Corvette Club Ltd.
Michael Kiesler
Thomas C. and Barbara N. Kilgore
Bernard O. and Sally J. Killoran
Thomas K. Kirk
Sean and Keeley Kirwan
Kitchen Hearth Inc.
Michael and Elizabeth Klein
Stewart E. and Leila L. Klein
Kevin L. and Leah Knope
James D. and Dolores S. Kohn
Robert V. Kolbusz
Robin Koth and Denise A. Holmes
Charles F. and Patricia R. Koval
Kevin R. Kozak
Donald L. and Joanne A. Krause
Kris D. and Penelope L. Kubly
Joan H. F. Kuypers
R. Lappin and Muriel Lappin
Gary L. and Beth L. Leverton

John D. Liberator

Kurt Lin and Diane M. Reeber Lin
Thomas A. and Nancy A. Lorden
Erica M. Lynch
Marshall & Ilsley Bank
M. G. R. Foundation
Thomas R. and Pamela MackieMackie
Madison Curling Club
Memorial High School
Mary J. Malach
Oscar G. Mayer and Geraldine M. Fitzpatrick
Eugene F. and Sandra L. Mayernick
McArdle Lab for Cancer Rsrch
Nellie R. Mc Cannon
Joseph D. Mc Cormick
Gerald W. Meier
Michael Best & Friedrich
The Milwaukee Insurance Foundation
Richard A. Moll
Moosejaw Pizza & Dells Brewing Co.
Cynthia J. Morgan
John R. Moseler
Charles and Carolyn Mowbray
Norbert and Catherine Neal
Richard A. Nelesen
Cory L. M. Nettles
New England Biolabs
Bruce Neviaser
Michael A. Newton
Emily B. Nissley
Barbara J. Norene
Andrew S. and Susan North
Olansky Dermatology Associates
Robert D. and Lois A. Olson
Optimist International Foundation
Nancy P. Orbison
Neil Oxman
Daniel J. Paul
Arline R. Paunack
Jeffrey Pearson
Edward W. and Judy A. Peirick
Philip S. and Susan J. Pelanek
Janice D. Pennau
Jane R. Perlman
Pfizer Foundation
Ronald Phelps
Daniel S. Pickett
Tommy Porter Bowling Open
Poynette Curling Club
Quarles and Brady LLP
Gangaram Ragi
Richard J. Rau
Ben and Sara A. Recker
Herbert L. Reif
Todd M. Reimer
Mary K. Ring
Richard P. and Nancy J. Roloff
Wanda L. Rood
Steve P. and Janice C. Ross
Steven A. and Julie M. Rucinski
Louise M. Rusch
David B. Sable
Wendell Sagendorf
Sanford Health
Sapphire Foundation For Prostate Cancer Inc.
Saris Cycling Group Inc.
Ben and Barbara E. Scharpf
John E. and Carol E. Schiessl
Schoen Family Charitable Trust
Donald A. and Carol A. Schutt
Eric M. and Sara W. Schwartz
Douglas G. and Mary Scrivner
William H. Scrivner
Kenneth B. Shelton, Jr.
David P. Simon
Robert E. Singiser
Joann Six-Plesko
Robert F. and Ruth A. Skoronski
Ron F. Skoronski
Stephen M. and Amy L. Skoronski
Eugene Skowronski and Karen Tomlinson
Theodore E. and Kandi L. Skowronski
Alice J. Slopa
L. Sloup and Marlys Sloup
Avis H. Smart
Stephen N. Snow
Kirk Sorensen
Jay L. and Lou A. Spaanem
Spring Printing LLC
St. Clement School
St. Patricks Day Parade Committee Inc.
Joan M. Statz
Mavis A. Steil
Stells Piggly Wiggly
John N. and Ellen H. Stephenson
Emily E. Stoddard
Steven Stoddard
Warren H. Stolper
Kathleen Stoltz
Stonebrige Life Insurance Company
Barbara A. Suran
James C. and Deborah W. Swanson
Dawn Tanner Memorial
Taylor And Francis Group LLC
TDS Long Distance Corp.
Larry C. and Angie Ter Maat
Marion L. Thompson
Marion A. Thoresen
Anne M. Traynor
Jerry L. and Denise A. Tribbey
Tri-North Builders Inc.
Robert J. and Dorothy M. Troller
James F. and Bonnie L. Twigg
John R. and Gail M. Underwood
Uniek Inc.
University Book Store
J. Paul Van Nevel
Buck VanVonderen Memorial
Denis R. and Laura L. Vogel
Robert L. and Elaine A. Waldo
John E. Wall
John J. and Jacalyn L. Warczak
Andrew J. and Judy A. Waterman
Webster Stanley Elementary School
Susan H. Weinkle
Frances L. Weinstein
John T. and Celeste S. Wencel
West Bend Mutual Insurance Co.
Cheryl R. Weston
John C. and Joyce O. Weston
Widen Enterprises Inc.
Reed C. Widen
George and Helen Wilding
David S. Wilkinson
Windsor Garden Walk
Wisconsin Dual Sport Riders
Gene P. Woelfel
Thomas T. and Patti Woodward
Gail L. Wurtzler
James R. and Joyce E. Yoder
Louise A. Young
Bahman and Leila Zakeri
Lester C. Zank
Jean L. Zitzler
Erwin F. and Joan R. Zuehlke 




Additional Donor Listings


We have made every effort to list all $100 and above gifts received during July 1, 2008 - June 30, 2009. If your gift was inadvertently omitted, or if there is an error on our part, we apologize. If you have any questions, please contact Kelly Sitkin, (608) 263-1677 or