Donors and Gifts to the UW Carbone Cancer Center $999-$100

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The University of Wisconsin Carbone Cancer Center, the only comprehensive cancer center in Wisconsin, would like to thank all donors who help our organization maintain its leading role in innovative research initiatives, compassionate cancer care and education for the public and health care professionals.


Donors listed are from July 1, 2008 through June 30, 2009.




$999 - $100




5-Alarm Lawn Care Inc.
A. 1. Furniture Inc.
Charles I. and Barbara J. Abbott
Creed W. Abell
Robert H. and Tova S. Ablove
Seymour and Shirley S. Abrahamson
Charles W. and Martha M. Acher
Robert J. and Beverly Acker
Freddi J. Adelson
ADS Mechanical LLC
Advertisers Press Inc.
Patrick R. and Katherine V. Ahern
Margaret L. Ahlgren
Lester J. Ahrens
Lynette R Aitken
Mark R. and Carol L. Albertini
William N. and Joyce A. Albright
Earl and Elizabeth Aldrich
Nancy C. Alfano
Gary and Monique H. Allen
Alliant Energy Foundation
James C. and Kathryn A. Allen
Anita M. Allison
Dennis C. and Carol J. Alt
Robert A. Alt
Dale and Donna Amacher
Joey E. Amberg
Jessica Amend
William F. and Margaret A. Amend
Americas Charities
Max Amordeluso
Josef and Karla J. Anderegg
Edith A. Anderson
Jeffery C. and Elaine R. Anderson
Joann Anderson
P and J Anderson
Patrick A. and Lorie L. Anderson
Terry W. Anderson
Wilmer Anderson
Frank and Helen Andrekus
John H. and Faye T. Andrews
Angelos Restaurant and Pizzieria
Appleton Zion United Methodist Church
Linn J., III and Pamela K. Arbogast
Thomas J. Archdeacon and Marilyn A. Lavin
Marguerite Armato
Charles T. and Patricia A. Armour
Tony and Stephanie Armstrong
Sandra L. Arnn
Cathleen M. Arnold
Devin T. Artley and Yee M. Koh-Artley
Arthur M. Arveson
Association of Women in Agriculture
Linda M. Atkinson
Aunt B's Pet Resort and Spa LLC
Aurora Health Care
David N. Austin
Jonathan P. and Susan H. Axelrod
Carl N. and Joann Bachhuber
Russell R. Bachman
Richard R. and Nicole G. Backhaus
Miroslav and Petra Backonja
Douglas A. and Diana Backus
Bob and Judith Baier
Howard H. and Laurie J. Bailey
Andrew J. and Glendora M. Baker
Kim Baker
Sylvia Banville
Linda Z. Barker
David R. Barnes and Francesca De Rose
Michael Barnett
Barron Community Fund Inc.
Richard F. Barry
Larry and Sherry Bartee
Steven R. and Cheryl L. Barth
Richard J. Bast
Thomas J. Basting
Jason E. Batton
Daniel E. and Karen R. Baumann
M. Sue Baumer
Frieda Baxter
John S. and Bernadette L. Beam
Karen J. Beardsley
Jean Bechtold
Dana W. Beck
Carl A. and Dawn M. Becker
Darlene A. Becker
H. William Becker
George J. and Linda K. Bednar
Andrew Beers
Suzanne Beers
Jeffry K. Behan and Laura A. Brenner
Ronald E. Behling
Ryan E. Behling
Calvin and Joy Beisswanger
Brian Bell
Craig G. and Christie L. Bender
Dennis A. Bender
Darrell G. Benson
Mark Benson
Russell W. Benson
Abdulrouf Y. and Natalie Ben-Zikri
Sharon Benzmiller
Paul J. Beranek
Leroy D. and Barbara K. Berg
David J. and Jan A. Berge
Douglas G. Berge
Paul M. Berge
John F. Bergstrom
Martin A. Berk
Leonard Berkowitz
Berlin Rotary Club
Niles and Linda W. Berman
Sarah M. Berman
Alan and Vicky Bernard
Kent L. and Lynn M. Berton
Margaret M. Bevington
Richard and Susan Bidinger
George Biegel
Sean Bina
Paul Binzak
Bio-Rad Laboratories
Karen S. Bisser
Roselynn L. Bittorf
Black Hills Archery Inc.
Theodore P. and Mary C. Blank
Blackhawk Motel
Thomas J. and Paula M. Blankenheim
Jacqueline Blatchley
Joanna Bleakley
Janet G. Blimling
Terry Bloom
Harold Blotner
Andre Blum
Jean Blum
Rodney W. and Jeanne M. Blum
Ruth Bock
Catherine C. Bock-Weiss
Terry Boehlke
J. Richard Boelk
Gary R. and Susan A. Bohn
William R. and Karen R. Bohn
Stephen D. Boll
Michael D. and Kerry A. Bollant
Robert U. and Laurie A. Bollig
Daniel J. and Carol E. Bonebrake
Douglas B. and Carol A. Bonebrake
Stephen J. and Julie L. Bonebrake
Brian J. and Jacqueline J. Borchardt
James T. and Kristin S. Borgerding
Donald N. and Helen L. Botsford
Linda R. Bourguignon
Sharon Bowen
Carlton and Agnes M. Boxhill
Ronald and Ann W. Boyce
Stanley W. and Marilyn Boyer
Richard J., II and Connie B. Brachman
Robert J. and Leila F. Bradley
Carole A. Brandt
David W. Braucht
William C. and Judith A. Braucht
William Breuch
Kenneth C. and Mary E. Breunig
David J. Brewster
Robert H. and Iris J. Brigham
Harland S. Bright
Newton and Marilyn W. Brightwell
Wesley A. and Sonja E. Brill
W. A. and Joan Brock
Phillip G. and Marilyn M. Brockish
Robert M. and Mary A. Broesch
Carl E. and Lucy Brooks
Cameron G. and Sybil A. Brown
Carlton G. and Helen L. Brown
Robert W. and Susan T. Brown
Rich and Kathy Bruch
Eugene H. and Pauline V. Bruhnke
James Brunner
Neal H. Brunner
Gordon L. Brunsell
Elaine S. Brylow
Lyle G. and Laurie J. Buchner
Paul E. Buckalew
Francis and Valery A. Buechner
Marguerite Bulgrin
Elizabeth A. Bumby
James L. Burdick
Luella A. Burgess
Patricia A. Burke
Janice K. Busse
James J. and Rachel A. Buszka
Eliot G. Butler
John B. Butler and Joan T. Sumkin
Samuel L. and Debra S. Butler
Larry and Sheryl Butson
Thomas C. and Elizabeth A. Butterbrodt
Rodney E. and Susan M. Byers
Martin and Lorraine Cadwallader
Peter and Jane D. Caldwell
Nicole Caliva
Barbara M. N. Callahan
Richard J. and Marilyn P. Callaway
The Campaign Group Inc.
Debra Cannon
Ted and Adrienne Cappas
Larry K. Capps
Gerald Cardo
Christopher R. Carlson
William L. and Jane Carlson
Charles R. Carpenter
Michael J. Carpenter
William F. Carr
Donald F. Carrig
Larry and Cecelia M. Carroll
Virginia L. Cashbaugh
James D. and Miriam E. Cashman
Donna M. Casper
Susan J. Cassady
Glen Castle Co. Inc.
Arthur and Beverly A. Castro
Dale Cattanach
Daniel F. and Mary P. Caulfield
Douglas W. and Sherry A. Caves
Cedar Grove Area United Fund
Cedarburg High School
William V. Cerny, Sr.
CGK Insurance Services Inc.
Clifford H. and Lucille Chaffee
George A. Charbonneau
Elaine E. Charlesworth
Alan P. Chechik
Joel C. Chechik
Evonna M. Cheetham
Tony J. and Cheryl K. Chiolino
Donald E. and Wanda Chisholm
Aaren T. Christen
Lynn F. Christensen
Lyle M. Christenson
Roberta M. Christian
Peter E. Christofferson
Memee K. Chun
Gilbert A. and Helen Churchill
Nikola N. and Elizabeth A. Ciganovich
Circle B. Inc.
Linda L. Clark
Marion C. Clark
Zach Clark
Joanne Clash
James R. and Charlene Cleasby
Leo Clerkin
Frank A. Clingan
James A. Clum
Jordan Cohen
Marcus and Sheila T. Cohen
Howard and Susan Cohn
Nancy H. Colburn
Colder Products Company
Catherine C. Coleman
James L. Coleman
Lois M. Coleman
Robert D. Colvin
Nadine P. Connor
Kathy Cook
John A. Copp
Gary Cordes
Mark A. Corey
Harold and Dawn Corless
Patricia E. Cosgrove
Jim Cowen
Paula M. Craft
William A. and Judith S. Craig
Calvin O. and Patricia L. Cramer
Gary Crandall
Tyrone and Therese Cratic
Janet Cribbins
Gerald Crohn
Mary K. Cromey
Edward T. and Eleanor Cronin
Britton E. and Carolyn R. Crosley
Jonathan R. and Rebecca Crumm
Charles W. and Sandra K. Cullen
Gerald and Kay Cullen
Ralph L. Cullen
Timothy F. Cullen
Richard and Lori Culles
Susan J. Cunningham
Robert F. and Jean A. Curtin
Rodney I. and Gerry E. Curtis
Thomas F. Curtis
Ruth E. Curtiss
David Cytrynbaum and Clementina Gisondi
Alessandro D'Agaro
Martin R. and Shirley Dable
James N. Dahlk
Herbert C. and Brenda S. Dahlman
Dakota West Radiation Oncology, P.C.
Frank Daily and Julianna Ebert
Mark A. Dalebroux
Blair E. Dalton
Dane County Title Company Inc.
Patrick T. Daniel
Jerome P. and Annette Daniels
George J. and Dorothy C. Danly
Warren L. and Sharon R. Danziger
Anthony J. Darin
Robert F. and Donna M. Darling
Sueann J. Darre
Paul T. and Joan C. Davenport
Mary M. Davidson
Richard R. and Rose M. Davis
Carol DeBruin
Gerrit W. and Lorraine A. De Bruin
De Forest Area Gridiron Club
Helen M. De Groot
David L. and Kathryn J. De Mets
Alfred S. and Bernice C. De Simone
Dianne De Vore
Charles B. and Nancy L. Deadman
Carol A. Debruin
Carter T. and Joyce C. Dedolph
Jeanette Dega
John C. and Beth S. Degler
Mark J. Delforge
Hillary Demby
Dustin A. and Janell Deming
Lisa Deml
Jane G. Dennis
Roger Derix
Gordon M. and Gail L. Derzon
James Dettwiler
Phillip M. and Ann L. Dettwiler
Robert A. Dettwiler
Dianne DeVore
Mauricio and Janet S. Diaz
David G., Sr. and Susan M. Dibbell
John H. and Susan T. Dickens
Duane L. and Donna L. Dickie
Ronald D. Dierks
Donald J. Dierschke
Alan P. Dietrich and Linda G. Fossier-Dietrich
Maxine Dimick
Martha E. Dishowitz
Robert E. Dods Family Foundation
Dale C. and Alice J. Doering
Alice Doherty Hampton
David E. and Nora J. Dohler
Richard P. Dolan
Ronald J. Dommershausen
Ruth Donkle
Gloria J. Donsing
Jay K. Dooling and Nannette L. Beavers
Charles E. and Joan M. Dorgan
Dennis L. and Katherine A. Dorn
Peter P. and Lois H. Dorner
Russell E. and Susan Doty
Thomas I. and Joan E. Doucette
Wallace H. and Margaret K. Douma
Patrick T. and Allison L. Dowd
Lois Downing
Gary A. and Kimberly Draeger
John K. and Josephine E. Draeger
David and Mary D. Drake
Gordon P. and Maureen K. Drake
La V. Draves
Joseph T. and Laura M. Dresen
Scott and Nanette Dryburgh
Linn A. Duesterbeck
John A. Duncanson
Cherie R. Durfee-Smith
Edward and C. Kay M. Dusheck
Lisa Dussault
Adrian and Pamela K. Duszynski
Stephen W. and Melanie A. Dvorak
Brendon S. and Debra Dybdahl
Thomas C. and Nena Dyhr
Diane M. Eastman
Eili Eastman
Michael Eastman
June H. Eberle
Randall J. Eggert
William E. and Dolores P. Eggert
Bruce M. and Rosemary Ehr
Ernest and June Ehrbar
Sharon L. Ehrmeyer
Laurence H., Jr. and Roma Eiseman
James R. and Jan G. Eisner
Peggy A. Ekedahl
Charles W. Elliott
Diane F. Elson
James E. and Lynne F. Emerick
David C. Endres
Jeffrey D. and Jennifer L. Endres
Lucille A. Endres
Wayne Eng and Terry Kahlert Eng
Jane Enge
James R. and Nancy J. Engelhart
Kathleen Engel-Hunt
Engineering Industries Inc.
Margaret A. Engle
William D., Jr. and Gail M. Engler
Paula A. Erato-Daggett
Jamie Erbs
Boyd E. and Valerie Erdman
Anthony T. and Rita M. Esch
Leon Eschenbach
Sandra L. Esrael
Gordon Esser
Mark R. Etzel and Regina M. Murphy
Betty J. Evans
Robert Evans and Penny Chin
EVCO Plastics
Sharon A. Evensen
Eugene N. and Donna J. Everding
Ray F. and Mary M. Evert
Eye Care Centers of WI SC
Keith R., Sr. and June L. Eytcheson
Paul H. and Monica Fahrni
Gene and Lillian R. Fairbank
Faith Community Church
Alfred L. Falaschi
Scott K. and Loretta J. Falaschi
Audrey B. Falk
Family Entertainment Group LLC
Mary Fargen-Garrison
Mary E. Farley
James E. and Leslie F. Farmer
James P. and Jeanie E. Farmer
Frank J. Feil, Jr.
Herbert and Harriet Feil
William C. and Colleen F. Feist
Gary Feldt
Ardys M. Fenner
Fermentas Inc.
Richard A. and Judy A. Fetherston
Charles W., Jr. and Nancy B. Fetter
Robert T. Fey
Patricia L. Fiedler
Nancy L. Fielder
Marty E. and Amy T. Fields
Florence S. Filley
Kendall A. and Shirley M. Finger
John V. Finn and Carol Molepske
Dorothy A. Finstad
First Choice Dental Group
Marnie L. Fischer
Avis E. Fisher
William P. and Elizabeth A. Fitzsimmons
Five Lakes Financial Inc.
Janice Flannery
Marco and Marlene Flannery
Anthony P. and Paula K. Flask
Marshall E. and Lisa J. Flax
Lisa K. Flickinger
Joan L. Fliegel
Alan and Sharon Flitcraft
Janet C. Floeter
Michael and Bonnie Flynn
Kaj S. and Karen I. Foget
John W. and Karolyn A. Foley
Mary A. Foley
Kevin J. and Kathy A. Foreyt
Robert A. Forsberg
Mark and Kay L. Fosler
Edwin M. Foster
Edith W. Fox
Robert A. and Kathleen A. Frambs
Paul C. Francuch
Joyce Frank
T. David and Barbara M. Frank
Margaret L. Franklin
Chris T. Frederick
Kerry Freedman
Ann B. Frehner
Kurt J. and Margaret T. N. Frehner
Jannan Freiburger
Arthur Freihoefer
Christopher J. Freitag and Ellen Kennedy
Norman J. Frenzel
Linda L. Frerichs
James H. and Judith A. Freund
Roger A. Friede
Ralph D. Froelich
Judith A. Froseth
Marvin J. and Beatrice A. Fruth
Dennis G. and Marilyn J. Fuller
Gerald R. and Betty J. Fuller
Mary P. Fulwiler
Denise R. Gabel
Leola R. Gabel
Chad H. Gabert and Amy L. Stella
Dixon R. and Gina H. Gahnz
Roberta L. Garber
Elizabeth Gardner
William D., III and Joanne M. Gardner
Gordon M. and Jeanne S. Garnett
Ramona A. Gasser
Russell Gasser
Gerald G. and Betty M. Gast
Victor L. and Donna Gates
James L. Gaugert, Sr.
Anre L. and Deloris A. Gausmann
Adam K. Gehrke
Betty M. Gehrke
Sandra P. Geier
Daniel and Margaret P. Geisler
Grant M. and Nancy A. Gelhar
GenCrop Foundation
Mary J. Genna
Alfred A. and Lorena Gerbitz
Carl J. Getto
Artin Gevorkian
George E. Gibert
Charles B. and Mary Jo Gibson
Delores M. Gibson
Edward G. and Patricia Gibson
John B. and Thyra Lee Gibson
Robert and Gloria Giersbach
Thomas M. and Beth H. Giese
Jeffrey A. Gilbertson
Myrtle Gilboe
Robert and Cheryl Gilhooley
James G., Jr. and Kim M. Gilmore
James F. and Jeanne J. Ginter
Charles and Lois Girsky
William R. and Julie B. Gladbach
Glen Castle Co. Inc
Frank W. and Jessica G. Glotfelty
Allen L. and Martha L. Godding
Richard H. Goede
Carol S. Goedken
Charles H. Goerg
Robert Golden
Dorothy Goldsworthy
Fred H. Golen
Josephine Gombar
Matthew R. Gonnering
Theodore Goodfirend and Mary Lou Birkett Goodfriend
James R. and Jeraldine R. Gordee
Goris Financial Group, Inc.
Mark J. Gorman
Michael F. and Luanne M. Gorst
Todd M. and Laurie L. Gosewehr
Donald A. and Yvonne A. Gottschalk
Guy A. Gottschalk
Suzy Gottschlich
John C. Gould, III
Robert F. and Katherine F. Gould
Brian R. Grabowski
John R. Grace and Joan A. Raducha
Richard I. and Sandra A. Grams
Steven M. Grams
Mary A. Graper
Robert G. and Georgia J. Graves
Donald R. and Joan E. Gray
Michael T. and Jennifer L. Gregor
Griffith Seed Company
James R. Griffith
Kenelm A. and Suzanne J. Groff
B. H. and Mrs. B. H. Grommes
Nick Grossman and Frannie Kaplan
Group Health Cooperative
Barbara J. Growcock
Kurt W. Guenther
Joseph W. Guerard
Donald M. and Elaine E. Gundeck
Jane A. Gundlach
Juliet L. Gunkel
Leslie W. and Ellen L. Gunter
Joyce E. Gust
Frank M. Guth
Baxter Gutknecht
James J. and Marion L. Guzanick
Robert and Harriet Gysbers
Peter D. Haak
Thomas Haak-Frendscho
Heidi I. Habel
Eric J. and Christa B. Hackert
Anthony J. Haen, Jr.
Jeffrey J. Haen
Ramona S. Hagen
Shirley L. Hahn
Anita E. Halbach
David D. and Nancy L. Halford
Darlene M. Hall
Frank J. and Harriet E. Hall
Harlan S. and Gerri Hall
Morison Hall
Goerge A. and Lois Hallam
Lucille Hammond
Jeff B. and Martha E. Hampel
Alice J. Hampton
Linda Hanin
Wayne N. and Beverly J. Hansen
David J. Hanson and Linda H. Bochert
Leonard G. and Maureen C. Hanson
Wendell A. Harker
Donald R. and Mary N. Harkness
Linda Harman Mc Intosh
Lewis B. Harned
James M. and Donna Harrington
Marion Harrington
Ronald J. and Lila J. Harrington
Floyd G., Jr. and Joan R. Harris
Stewart L. and Cheryl A. Harris
Farres A. Harrison
Linda L. Harrison
Reid R. and Patricia G. Harrsch
Turner and Mary Harshaw
Gerald and Christine Hart
John S. Hart, Jr.
Darrell H. and Thea N. Hartmann
Robert T. and Mona L. Harty
Michael and Diane Hartzheim
Christopher J. Harvath
Colleen M. Hasler
Stephen C. and Elaine Hathaway
Elizabeth Hauser
Thomas A. and Carla M. Hawley
Carol L. Hay
Thomas D. and Diane M. Haye
Virginia E. Hazlett
Allen F. and Amy A. Heath
Laura L. Hebert
David W. and Charlene Hein
Eugene and Veryl Hein
John E. and Donna R. Heine
Walter F. and Jean K. Heinold
Paul J. and Patricia A. Heiser
Raymond C. and Barbara Heldt
Kirk and Karine Helgeson
Hans O. Helland
Marsha W. Heller
Doris M. Helt
Janet K. Helwig
Francine Hemauer
Anna S. Henderson
Phillip G. and Suzanne K. Henderson
Robert J. and Marjorie E. Henkel
Willard J. and Dolores M. Henken
Marilyn R. Hennen
Charles K. and Patricia A. Henrikson
Jane E. Henry
Joe and Elizabeth A. Henry
Laverne S. and Phyllis E. Henshue
Beverly Henslin
Paula Herlache
Alysa Herman
Gregg and Susan Herman
Becker M. Hermanson
Eldora M. Hermanson
Teena Hernandez
Patricia A. Herrin
Howard M. and Mrs. Howard M. Herriot
Gregory B. and Donna M. Herzfeldt
John P. Hess
La Jeane M. Hettrick
Jeffery E. and Linda E. Hicken
Rita Hicks
Jerome J. Hill
Marjorie E. Hindley
Velma C. Hinrichs
Connie Hipp
James E. and Barbara B. Hodder
Richard A. Hodge
Robert L. and Retamae A. Hoege
Hoehn Motors Inc.
Loren C. and Anita R. Hoffmann
Karen L. Hogan
William C. Hogoboom and Nadine P. Connor
Kenneth L. and Shirley F. Hojnacki
Gene E. Holen
Kyle D. Holen
William J. Holewinski
Roumaine F. and Kathy L. Holland
Janet Hollatz
Michael R. and Tera A. Hollfelder
Janice L. Holmblad
Olive C. Holmblad
Tana M. Holmblad
David J. Honan
Arnold J. and Anne H. Hope
Gregory C. and Lynne C. Hopkins
James R. and Lucille B. Hornung
William P. and Carolyn D. Horton
Hottmann Construction Co. Inc.
Debra H. Houden
Richard A. Houden
Lois M. Hough
Joseph F. Houseman
Carlton V. Howard, Jr.
Homer L. Howard
Charles E. and Julia A. Howell
Patricia A. Howell
Rob and Lori Howley
James G. and Margaret M. G. Hrncirik
Lisa E. Hrupka
Larry M. and Mary L. Hudack
John A. and Marirose Huebscher
James M. and Leonette M. Huffer
Peter V. and Nancy H. Hughes
Bruce D. Huibregtse
David M. and Robyn D. Huibregtse
Erik P. Humlie
Kathleen O. E. Hunt
Bernard M. and Geraldine R. Huth
Janet B. Hutter
James A. Hutton
Charles F. Hyde
Dale E. and Elinor S. Ihlenfeldt
Osi Imeokparia
INCOM Top Take and Label
Invitrogen Corporation
Michael J. Irving
Charles R. Iverson
David Iverson
Jesse Izzo
Jackson Foundation
L. Genevieve Jackson
Mark Jackson
W. David and Amber K. Jacoby
Paul G. Jaeger
Thomas C. and Dorothy M. Jafferis
Julie A. Jagemann
Gary A. Jahnke
Richard P. Jahnke
Bryan P. and Jeanne T. Jahns
Carl D. and Sandra R. Jahns
Gary and Kathy Jahns
Hoke Janaszak
Janesville Moose Lodge #197
Pam Janowski
James R. and Mary B. Jansen
Leonard A. Jastroch
Bruce R. Javenkoski
Deon E. Jaye
Donna Jaye
John A. Jeffries
A. Paul and Aileen F. Jensen
Diane L. Jensen
Margaret K. Jensen
Barbara E. Jesse
Ruth E. Jischke
Charles and Marie Joers
Johnson Block & Company
David N. and Anita E. Johnson
Doris Johnson
Douglas and Mildred Johnson
Gary L. and Lynn E. Johnson
Gary R. Johnson
Gary R. and Julia Johnson
Gregory Johnson
John G. and Leanne Johnson
Kenneth R. and Marilyn Johnson
Martin and Ruth Johnson
Mary Johnson
Millard W., III and Mary C. Johnson
Robert W. and Joan O. Johnson
Scott D. Johnson and Lisa A. Disch-Johnson
Thomas and Katie Johnson
Willard Johnson
James E., Jr. and Joan T. Jones
Lee B. and Rosemary S. Jones
Matthew Jones
Gary J. Jorstad
Conrad D. and Susan E. Jostad
David H. and Jean Juedes
Beth Junge Inc.
David L. and Lolita M. Kachel
Rita J. Kades
William O., Jr. and Cynthia L. Kaether
Brad and Shannon Kahl
Keith and Georgina Kahl
William O. Kaither, Jr.
Kalahari Resort
Luana C. Kalscheur
Thomas N. and Mary R. Kalshoven
Joe and Rita Kaltenberg
Gary A. Kalvonjian and Diane Jensen
Jonathan M. Kane and Janet E. Mertz
John J. Kaney
Merlin C. and Gerd E. Kanter
Thomas J. and Phyllis Kanter
Isabelle M. Kaplan
Phillip and Judith Kaplan
Barbara A. Karavolas
Carl M., Jr. and Patricia G. Karcher
Steven B. and Lynn Karges
Robert B. and Ruth B. Karkow
Barbara J. Karlen
Karls Carpet Cleaning
Virginia S. Karstaedt
Mary L. Kasten
Donna Katen-Bahensky
Faisal A. Kaud
Sarah R. Kaufman
Danielle M. Kazmierczak
Kathleen M. Kearney
Michael J. Kearney
Arnold P. and Nancy J. Kehrli
Arnold W. Kehrli
Steven C. and Angeliki Kellner
John M. and Teresa J. Kelly
William Kelly
Mary E. Kennedy
Robert and Patricia Kessler
Daniel C. and Ann E. Kettler
Roland L. and Shirley A. Keuler
Howard L. and Mary M. Kidd
Kieler Farms Inc.
Mark and Kay Kienetz
James M. King
Peter Kins
Kinstler Graphic Signs LLC
Timothy R. and Gail L. Kinzel
Anthony L. Kiorpes
Jack and Nancy Kirby
Robert D. and Courtney Kirscht
Alice J. Kissinger
David R. and Kathy A. Kistler
James F. and Jennifer A. Kitchell
Kitchen Works
Kurt D. Klapperich and Maryann E. Steiner
Herbert M. Kliebard
Delbert Kliebenstein
Steven R. Klinger
Dorothy L. Klink
Fred L. and Barbara J. Klobucar
Warren L. and Marilyn R. Klotzbach
Gerald N. Klump
Thomas J. and Elizabeth T. Knauf
Richard C. and Kathrine M. Knight
Knights of Columbus
David W. Knoche
Sharon R. Knoop
Carol A. Knox
Helen E. Kobussen
Erwin F. Koenig
Leonard G. Koenig
Lois J. Koenig
Charles W. and La V. E. Koepsell
Russell E. Koepsell
Herbert Kohl
Carole A. Kortenhof
Ellen O. Kowalczyk
Gene R. and Jolene Kowalski
Grace Krajco
Kellie M. Krake
Louise A. Kratochwill
Deborah Krauss Smith
Margaret Kreblein
Jacquelyn Kriewaldt
James Krikelas
Stanley and Shirley A. Kritzik
Raymond A. and Carol A. Krizmanic
Frank F. and Christine Kromenaker
Pamela D. Krone
Kropf Industries Inc.
Carol C. Kubly
Dianne R. Kuehl
Jerry F. Kuehn
Margaret J. Kuehni
David A. and Marie C. Kuemmel
Donald W. Kuhls
John W. and Peggy A. Kuhnz
Rosemary N. Kunde
John F. and Mary E. Kuypers
Isidore and Carol J. Kwaterski
Robert M. La Macchia
Robert D. La Mar
Jon La Paz
Susan A. Laemmrich
Patricia Lahart
James E. and Shirley S. Lake
David R. Lambert
Paul F. Lambert and Anne E. Griep
John L. Landen, Jr.
Lane Technical Sales, Inc
Don and Linda Langdon
Henry J. and Charlotte Lange
Randy G. and Susan A. Langer
Stanley H. Langer
H. F. and Margaret A. Langrehr
Fredric Lanke
Charles R. and Janet L. Larsen
Courtney J. Larsen
Jacob A., Jr. and Helen W. Larsen
Raymond L. and Dorothy Larsen
Donald L. and Gloria J. Larson
Scott R. and Carolyn M. Larson
Thomas V. Lasse
Richard A. Latta
Lynn R. and Mary J. Laufenberg
Kenneth R. and Brenda R. Laughery
Ben C. J. and Joan L. Lawhorn
Peter R. Lawrie
Randall and Catherine Lawton
William and Loydene Lazich
Mark W. Lederer and D. Lynn Levin
Myron Ledworowski
Debra Lee
Leeds Charity Fund
Lisa Lehman
Mike Lehman
Joyce B. Leischow
Roy A. Lembcke
Michael T. Lemmers
Alice C. Leonard
Miguel A. Leon-Benito and Julie A. Yearling
David E. and Kim A. Lepke
Todd and Mary Leuthner
Joanne E. Leveque
Marvin J. Levy
Donna Lewein
James E. Lewis
Jocelyn D. Libby
James E. Lichty and Jacqueline Allen
Gary M. and Janis M. Licklider
Philip A., II and Mary J. Lindemann
John A. Lindholm
Miles G. and Tina L. Lindner
George and Marion Lingel
Mark B. and Ann M. Lins
Hope H. Linton
Daryl V. and Marcia Lippincott
John D. Lippitt
Little and Company
Marilyn C. Livingston
Florence R. Lloyd
Diane M. Lock

Allan and Patricia Locke

Neil and Susan Locke

Douglas and Lora Lockman
Troy J. and Rhonda S. Loeffelholz
Mavis M. Loeschner
Phil Lomas and Lucille R. L. Marchand
Willis F. Long
Marc A. and Charlene Longino
Patrick Longnecker
Trygve Lonnebotn
Jeffrey B. and Karen M. Loomans
John P. Loranger
Vilja W. Lorenzsonn
Peter E. Lovance
Keith R. and Sandra L. Lovell
John C. and Janet P. Lubniewski
D. A. and Susan B. Luchsinger
James R. and Marilyn E. Luck
Donna D. Luessman
Eileen R. Luetscher
Gerhard E. and Sonja S. Luetschwager
Gary A. Lukken
Rolf S. and Ann K. Lulloff
Brian Lund
Donald A. and Patricia A. Lund
Mark A. Lundey and Barbara J. Pratt
Karen K. Lundquist
John T. Lunenschloss
Lois J. Luther
LXi Components Inc.
Daniel J. and Carla J. Lynch
Thomas and Irene Lynch
Jane Lyons
M & I Mortgage
Elgardt H. Maahs
Jeanine M. Mabis
Bryan C. and Cathy E. Mac Donald

Judy A. Mac Donald
William A. and Jean A. Mac Donald
Joan D. Maceau
Dennis P. and Valerie Mack
Kay C. Mackesey
Rae E. Madar
Kelly Maddern
Mary B. Madigan
Madison Motorcycle Club
Ernest L. and Helen H. Madsen
Charles R. and Nancy H. Magnusson
Roger S. and R. Colleen Mahlkuch
Bruno E. and Deborah S. Maier
Joseph M. and Nancy J. Malloy
Michael F. and Diane L. Maloney
Dennis L. and Barbara M. Manthei
Bruce J. and Cheryl J. Manthey
Marine Credit Union
Richard B. and Anne R. Markham
Julie K. Marks
Thomas J. Maroney
Ida M. Marshall
Robert Martier
Jesus M. Martinez and Angela C. Keelan-Martinez
Arne J. and Bente A. Martinsen
Michael A. Marx
Mary Morgan School
H. Dennis and Jane Masaki
Richard J. and Geri A. Mason
Jonathon Masur and Seebony Data-Barua
Matrix Technologies Corp.

Kristina Mattson
Keith E. May
Michael Mazanet
Gary J. Mazzotta
John K. and Joyce G. Mc Anelly
Marilyn J. Mc Ardle
Sally A. Mc Beath
Paul and Linda Mc Bride
Wallace W. Mc Callum
Daniel J. Mc Carty
Ellen S. Mc Carville
Joan N. Mc Caughn
Rowland J. and Audrey Z. Mc Clellan
Richard S. and Janice M. Mc Cormick
George E. and Karen Mc Cown
Deb Mc Coy
Mary Mc Fadden
Ronald W. and Debbie A. Mc Fall
Thomas A. Mc Farland
Verda V. Mc Farlane
Katie Mc Ginley-Johnson
E. Jane Mc Ginn
Matthew H. and Gina M. Mc Ginn
Jodi R. Mc Glynn
Douglas A. Mc Ivor
Maxine J. Mc Killigin
Walter and Kerry A. B. Mc Laughlin
Douglas G. Mc Neel
Maureen Mc Nett
James R. Meacham
Daniel S. and Sharyl A. Meendering
Michael and Karol Meicher
Brian C. and Mekel A. W. Meier
Susan and Scott Meier
Deloris Meiners
Janet J. Meister
Gerard K. and June H. Mello
Marvin E. and Frances G. Mengeling
Mercedes-Benz of San Diego
Mary P. Merrill
Gary R. and Sally J. Messner
Norma B. Metzen
Merwyn W. and Patricia R. Meyer
Paul W. and Elise T. Meyer
Anthony M. Mich
Michels Corporation
Amy M. Michie
David N. Mickelson
Robert E. and Judith A. Mickelson
Carol J. Middaugh
Middleton Construction Inc.
Miller Engineering Inc.
Donald H. Miller
Gary E. Miller
Mary S. Miller
Ronald Miller
Timothy J. Miller
Francis Millett
Marilyn A. Milligan
Chad D. and Donna M. Milne
Nicholas E. and Elaine H. Mischler
James R. and Rita J. Mitchell
Mary Ann Mitchell
Jan K. Moffat
Kenneth Moll
George E. and Joan W. Moloughney
MJ Molony Tile Company Inc.
Charles P. Montgomery
Erin K. Moore
Randy S. and Elizabeth C. Moore
Katilyn Moran
Ruth J. Morgan
Paul V. Moriarty
Dornis Morin
Lee H. and Mari L. Moritz
John H. Morledge
Manuel R. Morman
Michael T. and Judy A. Morman
John E. Morris
Melinda Morrow
Stuart A. Morse
Loren D. Mortenson
Peter J., Jr. and Brenda Mortenson
Dottie M. Moseley
Deane F. Mosher and Frances J. Fogerty
Caitlin G. Mosman
Hubert V. and Mary J. Moss
Candra Mueller
Kurt F. and Annette K. Mueller
Michael and Margaret Mueller
Sherwood R. and Lola M. Muenchow
Daniel L. Mulkerin
Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation
Patricia Mulvey
Martin E. and Marilyn A. Munce
Eleanor M. Munson
Bradford Murphy
Susan Z. Murphy
Katherine Murwin
Linda Musial-Lintner
Jon F. and Patricia J. Myers
Walter P. and Nancy A. Naab
Rachel M. Naft
Donovan W. Nagel
Daniel T. and Nancy T. Nakkula
Jessica Neff
Kathleen M. Neher
Duane D. and Elaine M. Neitzel
John L. and Shirley Nelesen
Steven J. Nelesen
Richard T. and Judith A. Nell
Jess C. and Darlene R. Nelson
Stephen L. Nelson
Lynne H. Nemcek
Frances L. Neperud
Warren P. Nesbitt
Lyle E. Nestingen
Andrea G. Neu
Linda Neu-Kraemer
Lois C. Neveu
Elizabeth A. Newell
Kenneth and Joann Neyhard
Charles F. and Rachel E. Nichols
Harold L. Nichols
Gregory Nielsen
Joanne Nielsen
Robert Nielsen
Kenneth P. and Vivian E. Niemeyer
Richard G. Niess and Laurie K. Elwell
Norman Nilsen
John D. and Lori C. Nolan
Alice G. Noltemeyer
James D. and Harriette B. Norman
James W. Norman
Isabel Norsman
North Island Credit Union
Tom F. and Gail S. Novacheck
Marliyn K. Novinska
Robert J. Nugent
Armin and Rita Nyffeler
Paul A. and Beth A. Nylander
Karissa K. O'Keefe
Stan O'Keefe
Patrick W. and Amaria N. O'Leary
Michael J. and Mary O'Malley
O. Sheridan Financial Company LLC
Steve J. Oakeson
Clyde A. and Elizabeth A. Oakley
John Oberstar
Peter L. Obremskey
Beatrice Occhietti
Mary E. Odell
George E. and Winifred F. Oetjen
Kathryn B. Oetjen
Armin and Bernice Ohnesorge
Mark G. and Susan S. Oleinik
James T. and Karen M. Olsen
Arlene M. Olson
Judd D. and Tracy L. Olson
Nancy Olson
Greg and Debra Onken
Rodney H. and Norene A. Oppriecht
Lorraine Orchard
Oregon Bowl LLC
Peter P. and Artie L. Orlik
Maureen D. Ormson
Ryan T. Orvis
Stephanie Orzechowski

Thomas J. and Romana C. Ostrowski
Norma L. Otterson
Melvin J. and Shirley A. Ouradnik
Joseph L. and Mary D. Ousley
Ozaukee Excavating Inc.
Asher R. Pacht
Pacific Cycle
Elizabeth C. Paddock
Rick A. Page
Thomas C. Pagedas
Dino and Janice Paielli
Pak-Rite Ltd.
Diane Palma
Gary J. Palmer
Harry and Virginia Papcke
William N. Pappano and Kelly L. Cotter
Paul and Linda Parish
Jeff Parks
Elgin C. and Ruth Paskey
Tara L. Passow
Thomas A. Patch
Thomas F. and Carolyn M. Patterson
Kristine S. Pattison
Richard A. and Rachel K. Paull
Paulson and Associates LLC
Richard E. and Karen A. Peck
Maxine L. Peckham
Walter and Charleen Peckham
Karen L. Pederson
Paul and Judith Peecook
Richard E. and Susan H. Pegg
Philip and Susan Pelanek
Ken J. and Susan M. Pelatzke
Donald Pellett
Joseph Pellitteri
Robert and Ingrid Pels
Ina Penberthy
Audrey M. Pendergast
Alan E. Penn
Robert E. Penrod
Henri B. and Patricia Pensis
Perkins Oil Co. Inc.
Merle L. Perkins
Richard Perkins
Cheryl A. Peschel
Drew Peterson
Eric Peterson
Gerald C. Peterson
Leroy R. and Sharon K. Petersen
Neil E. Peterson
Richard G. and Martha J. Peterson
Steven D. and Kathleen A. Peterson
M. J. W. Petri
Linda Pettit
Alain H. and Jill A. Peyrot
Steve Pfeiler and Sandra Evans
L. Allen and Susan M. Phelps
Delores M. Phillips
Glenn and Gail Phippen
Bethney N. Pickhardt
Jerry Picucci
Thomas S. and Julie R. Pietras
Fredrich J., Sr. and Shirley Piette
Kenneth R. Pike
Ronald J. and Roberta L. Pipping
Richard and Phyllis Pire
Arthur J. and Delores M. Pitas
Pitney Bowes - PSI
Cecil and Katheren Pittack
Lesa M. Pitts
Ryan and Carrie Planert
Plaza Tavern and Grill Inc.
Greg A. and Ann E. Ploch
Philip G. and Rhonda Plourd
Bill and Valeta Poage
Tiffany Podkowa
Dawn Poker
Nicholas P. and Carol A. Pollis
Wilfred L. and Frances Polzer
Michelle A. Pommer
Arthur L. and Elizabeth J. Pope
George J. Porter
Shawn M. Post
The Premiere of Windsor Ltd.
Tonya Presser
James and Luisa Prey
Beverly A. Priefer
Tonya Prosser
Charles H. Pruett and Edna E. Paske
Steve Proefrock and Terry Gall
Mary K. Prust
Romni R. Pullen
Qiagen Inc.
Quad/Graphics, Inc.
Richard B. and Sharon J. Quale
J. Douglas and Karen E. Quick
James R. and Lisa D. Quick
R&M Developers of Wisconsin Inc.
R.A. Carlson Plumbing, Inc
Karen Racky
Roni Rademacher
Jay Radlund
Richard D. and Laurita K. Radtke
Robert H. and Gale D. Radtke
Ryan R. Radtke and Katie A. Gore
Thomas and Iris A. Radtke
Jerry Raemisch
Robert E. and Elizabeth A. Ragan
Ronald L. Rains
Karen E. Raizen
Michelle Rameker
Lincoln F. and Carolyn B. Ramirez
Paul Ramplin
Charles T. Ramshaw
Jeffrey P. and Marlyce A. Randall
Harold L. and Thelma E. Rasmussen
James P. and E. Elizabeth Rasmussen
Susan Rassier
Roger H. Rathke
David N. Ratliff
Jay A. and Michelle M. Rauls
Bruce H. Ravid
Thomas W Raycraft
Charles J. Raymond
Jeff Raymond
Kenneth W. and Susan A. Reagles
Ann H. Reber
Harold S. and Jeanne Rebholz
George H. and Susan B. Reed
Don D. and Carol B. Reeder
Stephen E. and Mary A. Reeds
Robert L. Reese
Reference Point Marketing Group Inc.
James M. Refsguard
Todd M. Reimer
Gary A. Reinke
Robert J. Reis
Ann M. Reise
Patrick L. H. and Kathleen L. H. Remington
Residence Hall Association
Elliott J. Resneck
David and Betty Reul
James O. Rewey
Barbara A. Reynolds
Diane Rezagholi
Larry D. and Louise A. Rhead
Cynthia K. Rhyner
William A. and Nancy M. Rice
Rich Mikkelson Rich Financial Advisors
Gregory M. Richards
Nancy R. Richardson
Bruce Ricker
Gordon T. and Susan J. Ridley
Don Riegelman and Kathryn Rouse
Marguerite Rietveld
James C. Riggio
Ramon R. and Eloise A. Riley
Gerald J. and Armella Ring
Helen M. Ring
James Rinn
Lee A. Riordan
Wayne Riser
Lila J. Ritchie
Daniel and Martha Ritter
Mark A. and Karla S. Ritter
Peter B. and Carrie M. Ritz
Riverview Boat Line
Frederic Rizzo
Peter M. and Renee M. Rizzo
RLJ Dental SC
Michael T. Roberts and Kate J. Ford Roberts
Gwen C. Robl
Julio Rodriguez
Caroline Roe
Wanda J. Roehl
James J. and Jeaneen Roelke
John W. and Jann Roethe
Neil F. Rogers
Rolland R. and Margaret E. Roggensack
Martin W. and Linda M. Rohn
Donald Rolain
Elizabeth A. Rollo
John R. and Bonnie J. Rosenmeier
Jacqueline R. Ross
Edwin R. and Bernice J. Rossini
Richard A. and Lois K. Rossmiller
Richard C. and Joann Rost
Sonia S. Rotar
Blanche M. Roth
Stephen J. and Kathleen Rothering
Arlene F. Rotter
Royal Rotter
Donald L. and Linda K. Rough
Paul J. and Margaret Rouleau
Kathryn J. Rouse
Rollin Royce
Thomas and Marlene Rubidoux
Ruth J. Rudy
Frederick and Patricia Ruegsegger
Pauline A. Rusch
Sherry L. Rushman
John F. and Kathleen A. Russert
Diane Russo
Denise Ryan
Nancy C. Ryan
Richard E. and Eunice M. Ryan
Ronald J. and Mary L. Ryan
Clayton, II and Joan Ryder
Katherine E. Ryder
Larry Q. Saevre
Margaret J. A. Safrit
Mark G. and Tamala J. Salzmann
Samaha and Associates Inc.
David Sandell
Thomas Sanflippo
B. Ramon and Jeanne J. Sanna
Thomas J. and Mary K. Saphner
Daniel J. Sapiro and Suzanne M. La Fleur
Alan C. Sartorelli
E. Joy Sasson
Timothy and Carol Sauer
Kathleen R. Saunders
Stephen F. and Beverly H. Saville
Scenic Traveler Inc.
Albert and Virginia M. Schaefer
Donald N. and Sherry A. B. Schaefer
James J. Schaefer
Steven J. and Jacqueline Schaefer
Christopher M. and Tamra A. Schafer
Janice I. Schefelker
John S. and Deborah K. Scheid
Laura Schill
Carrol Schiller
Terri Schiller
Jean C. Schilling
John P. and Linda A. Schilling
Jill A. Schleifer
Todd A. Schlender
Ernst O. and Faith Schlieter
John and Sheila Schlump
Wilbert A. Schmid
David J. and Sally R. S. Schmidt
Krista M. Schmidt
Paul, Jr. and Cecilia Schmidt
Richard L. and Ann M. Schmidt
Joseph E. Schmiedicke
Peter W. and Colleen M. Schmitz
Robert W. and Alice E. Schmitz
Jolene A. Schnabel
Roger L. Schnabel
Berneice Schneider
Brian Schneider
Tommye J. Schneider
Lexie H. Schoen
Pat Schoenherr
Cynthia L. Schoepp
Jeanne M. Schoepp
Schoep's Ice Cream Co.
David School
Schorr Construction Inc.
Fredric D. Schreiner
Marlene A. Schroedel
Rodney G. Schroedel
Dean Schroeder
Jon W. Schroeder
Mary B. Schuchardt
James and Jean Schuenke
Ronald T. and Barbara L. Schuler
Michael J. and Lynn E. Schulta
Schultz Electric Inc.
Mary K. Schultz Inc.
Diane Schultz
Dorothy L. Schultz
Walter A. Schultz
Robert D. Schulz and Bethann Zonneville
Bonnie L. Schumacher
Winton A. and Ruth M. Schumaker Fund
Robert Schumpp
Chris M. Schussler-Fiorenza
Steven H. Schuster
Fredrick P. and Deborah A. Schwartz
Russell P. and Jacquelyn K. Schwei
Mark R. and Patricia A. Schweiger
Troy A. and Melinda R. Schwenn
Owen Schwerdtfeger
Ronald A. and Adele L. Schwoegler
Allan K. Scidmore
John V. and Shirley M. Scoles
Betty J. Scott
Lana J. Scott
James B. and Eileen C. Scrivner
Thomas W. and Meredith B. Scrivner
Warren R. Sedlacek
Daniel L. and Barbara Sedlock
Andreas and Susanne K. Seeger
Patricia A. Seggelink
Amy Seibert
John J. and Kristine L. Selk
Karen Sell
Timothy L. and Lisa Semmann
Roger Senn
Keith R. and Elisabeth T. Seward
John C. Shabaz
Marjorie P. Shafton
Subhadra Shah
Doris M. Shain
Robert S. Shapiro
Gwendolyn W. Sharratt
Keith E. and Pamela H. Shaver
Bette M. Shaw
Michael J. Shea
Elizabeth A. Sheehan
Darlene Shell
Melissa Shellabarger
Rajan I. Sheth
Robert D. and Susan L. Showers
Kathleen M. Shrake
Judith A. Siegert
Michael F. Siemion
Dave Sigurslid
David M. Silverberg and Elizabeth A. Huebel
Carl and Elizabeth Silverman
Norman K. and Verjean E. Sime
Deborah A. Simon
Mark and Kelly Simon
Francis R. and Rosemary Simonis
Jacqueline M. Sims
Marcia P. Singer
Donald R. and Janet M. Sipes
George V. B. Sirotkin
Curtis A. and Debbie Sisson
Terry M. Sivesind
Eugene E. Skroch
Robert C. and Margaret L. Skyles
Jacqueline Sladky
Mildred M. Slezak
Dawn M. Smack
Stephen L. Smiley
Clayton O. and Mary J. Smith
Curtis Smith and Susan J. Threlkeld
Deborah K. Smith
George L. and Sara R. Smith
Gordon F. and Shirley M. Smith
James H. Smith
James R. Smith
James S. and Kelley J. Smith
Jerry V. and Janet L. Smith
John C. Smith
Lanny L. and Margaret H. Smith
Leland R. and Gloria J. Smith
Michael D. and Debra F. Smith
Norma L. Smith
James and Jean Smithback
Charles W. and Jean L. Smoots
Michael K. Solberg
Michael S. and Debra L. Solem
Solheim Billing and Grimmer
Hans W. and Mary L. Sollinger
Mark L. Solverud
Peter M. Sommerhauser
Paul M. and Sherie A. Sondel
Linda Sorenson
Jack W. and Helen Sorge
Philip and Mary J. Southworth
James R. and Virginia A. Spaight
Specialized Electric Inc.
Francis W. and Clarice J. Speck
Paul J. and Beth A. Spicer
Harry L. and Bonnie F. Spiegelberg
Rick Spiel
J. A. Spolar
Lilah L. Sprecher
Spring Harbor Auto Clinic Inc.
Scott R. Springman
Ivan and Elizabeth R. Springstead
Springvale Charities Fund
SR Bidinger
Leila M. Stabbe
Ronald S. and Mary A. Staben
Daniel and Sherri Stafford
Standard Electric Supply Co.
Sally E. Stanek
Dale L. and Peggy R. Stange
Avalyn M. Stark
Raymond S. and Ellen M. Stasieluk
Dean K. and Pamela Statz
Henry J. and Kathleen Steare
Sara M. Steele
Harold A. and Florence H. Steen
James H. and Andrea J. Stein
Frederick C. and Nancie Steinhauer
Ronald B. and Jane M. Steinhofer
August J. and June A. Stellberg
Stephan and Brady Inc.
Paul and Judith Stephany
Hat Stevens
Robert J. and Janet E. Stevens
Susan Stevens
Lee W. Steward
Daniel Stewart
Gail A. Stewart
Jessica D. Stewart
Marjorie F. Stewart
Margaret G. Stiles
Bruce and Carol T. Stoddard
Phil Stoddard
James C. and Jennifer L. Stolen
Harriet H. Stoll
Dorothy Stoltenberg
Jane M. Stoltz
Jerry and Suzi Stonebridge
Stonecliff LLC
Muriel E. Stoneman
Gene R. and Ruth A. Stormer
Carmen L. and Katie S. Stout
Polly Stout
Jeff A. Stouthamer
Kathryn N. Stower
John and Kathryn M. Straka
John D. and Shirley W. Strange
Susan Strasser
Richard and Susan T. Straus
David J. and Sandy W. Street
Steven F. Streff
Fred C. Strey
Harry and Mary Stroebe
Michael E. and Mary J. Stroh
Seward R. and Margaret C. Stroud
Strunk and Associates
Lawrence and Anne Stuart
James M. G. and Sheerin B. Sturm
David J. Stute and Margaret Rasch
John and Gretchen Sugerik
Yuri Sugiyama
Nona A. Suhr
Michel P. Sullivan
Raymond and Teresa Sullivan
John A. Summers
Louise Summers
Summit Credit Union
Supreme Structures Inc.
Karen Sutter
Judith O. Sutton
Thomas P. and Eileen W. Sutula
Igor N. and Wanda J. Sviatoslavsky
Ronald R. and Frances J. Swann
John D., Jr. and Suzanne Swanson
Michael R. Swanson
Kelley C. Sweet
Philip M. and Penelope A. Symes
James C. Syverud
Lori Szerencsy
Travis M. and Vicki L. Tank
Benton C. and Mary A. Taylor
Dave Taylor
Norman and Nancy C. Tebo
Jeremy M. Teigen and Julie A. George
Television Wisconsin Inc.
Robert A. Teper
Fred C. and Betty J. Terbilcox
I. Dale and Janice J. Terrill
Edward M. Terry
Marilyn Terwilliger
Carol Tessen
Gerald J. Thain
Earl R. Thayer
Thermo Fisher Scientific
Jane Thieleke
Peg Thieman
Michael Thomas
Roy J. and Karen A. Thomas
Ursula M. Thomas
Beth E. Thompson
Linda M. Thompson
Marvin L. and Dolores Thompson
Michael G. Thompson
Ronald K. and Carol E. Thompson
Sandra P. Thompson
Jack and Elisabeth Thorpe
P. V. and Kathryn E. Thorson
Sue Timmerman
Donald W. and Susan M. Tipple
Joe and Kay Tisserand
Janice Tobak
C. John and Barbara R. Tolch
Louie and Jo Ann Tomalak
Eric R. Tomlinson
Marceil L. Tooley
Top Tape and Label Inc.
Victoria A. Topp
Joel G. Tormoen
Carol T. Toussaint
Laura S. Towers
Town of Columbus Charities
Robert S. and Angela A. Tramburg
Kim Tran
Sue E. Trautwein
Ronald and Sherrill Trbovich
Tyrone and Sharon Trbovich
Jerry and Denise Tribbey
Trinity Episcopal Church
Tammy L. Tritz
Robert and Norma Trojan
Betty Z. Trombetta
Kenneth J. and Judith A. Trudeau
Walter S. Trzeciak
Elmo Tudor and Tammy J. Jenkins
Jerald H. and Kendra K. Tutsch
Gerald and Barbara Tuttle
Bonnie Twigg
Jon G. and Susan S. Udell
David O. and Judy A. Ulery
The Ultimate Tan Line Inc.
Paul A. and Aural M. Umhoefer
Unity Health Insurance Corp.
Barbara M. Urick
Urology Associates of Green Bay
Michelle Valeri
Margaret H. Van Alstyne
Anita M. Van Amber
Edwin A. and Susan S. Van Boxtel
Lauren J. Van Den Heuvel
Daniel K. and Selma S. Van Eyck
Lana Van Galder
Judith Van Kirk
Jon D. Van Roo
Ron Van Rossum
Variety Meat Company
Neil M. and Eileen M. Vassau
David and Nancy Veenendaal
Paul and Karen Velsor
Michael J. and Mary S. Vena
Donald W. Venden
Jan K. and Kathryn F. Ver Hagen
Ronald and Colleen Verkuilen
Martha M. Vestling
Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 8337
John R. and Suzanne C. Vette
Robert J. Vetter
Brian R. and Mary A. Vick
Charles E. Vickerman
Mary Virnig
Russell P. Vogel and Dae J. L. Jahnke
Patricia A. Voigt
Dorcas R. Volk
Verne E. and Laverne I. Vollrath
John J. Von Ruden
Matthew and Nancy Wade
Charles L. and Marie K. Wagner
David J. and Ruth A. Wagner
Diane M. Wagner
Phyllis Wagner
Robert F. and Edna E. Wagner
Robert F. Wagner
Ruth A. Wagner
Corinne R. Wakeman
Barbara A. Walker
Dale J. and Nancy A. Walker
Jeff W. Walker
Joann P. Walker
Matthias R. Wall
Nancy L. Wallace
Ruby Walton
Stanley Walz
Norma L. Wampler
John J. and Sandra R. Ward
Robert and Cynthia Warn
George R. and Karen J. B. Watry
Matthew B. Watry
Bonnie Watson
Kenneth N. and Vera Watson
Lyle E. Watson
Lester V. and Karen K. Watters
Gail Watts
WAA Waukesha County Chapter
Waunakee Veterinary Service SC
John C., Jr. and Susan J. Waxler
Weaver Auto Parts of Middleton Inc.
Mark A. and Mary L. Weaver
Paul L., Jr. and Carolyn Weaver
Karen B. Weber
Susan M. Weber
Francis X. and Suzanne R. Wedel
Mark Wedell
Michael and Beverly Weerda
Jane H. Wegenke
Robert G. and Shirley Wegenke
Stephanie L. Wegman
Frederick E. and Mary A. Wehmeyer
William P. and Barbara A. Weidanz
Benjamin J. and Jana M. Weigandt
Dorothy J. Weigle
Sybil F. Weinstein
Donna Weis
Ruth Weisensel
Catherine C. B. Weiss
Frank J. Weiss
James H. Weiss
Karin D. Weiss
Larry K. and Amy J. Weiss
Franklin Welker
Roy L. Wellman
Wells Fargo Foudation
Darin Wendt
James and Jessica Wendt
Steven J. and Janice M. Wermeling
Betty J. Werner
Jay and Rose M. West
David G. and Sybil P. Westlake
Marsha L. Wetmore
Nancy C. Wettersten
James F. Wheeler
Thomas R. and Joyce C. Wheeler
Roger B. Wickland
Robert C. and Margaret M. Wiczynski
Theodore C. Widder, III
Douglas J. and Rebecca J. Wieczorek
Peggy A. Wiederholt
Robert J. and Ellen J. Wiegand
Eugenia K. Wiencek
Neil F. Wienke
Michelle M. Wiersgalla
Steven J. Wietrzny
Andrew A. and Melinda M. Wilcox
Wild Rose One Fund Drive Inc.
Harold W. Wilkie
Jane R. Will
Paul and Nancy Will
Anna M. Williams
Janis R. Williams
Penelope M. Williams
Ruth B. Williams
W. L. Williamson
John and Janet Willitz
Jonathan P. and Sheryl M. Willitz
Glenn Willman
Christopher Wilson
David E. and Elise C. Wilson
Nan R. Wilson
Wimmer and Company
Winger Concrete Products Inc.
Winifred F Oetjet Trust
Clark N. Winn
Winnebago County Fair Association
Winneconne Schools
Kimberly P. Winskell
Barbra H. Winter
Wisconsin Alumni Association: Waukesha County
Wisconsin Capital Management
Wisconsin Department of Revenue
Wisconsin Dolls LLC
Jane L. Wise
Carol A. Wiskowski
Elmer R. Wisnefsky
Glenn D. Woelfel
Joann M. Woelfel
Barbara Woessner
Marilyn M. Wolf
Ronald and Barbara P. Wolfe
Russell Wolff
Bruce and Linda Wollpert
Women's Committee IAM Local Lodge 873
Elaine B. Wood
Robert C. Woods
Tyler Woodward
Harold M. and Charlotte M. Woolf
Cecile A. Wopat
World Council of Credit Unions
Ellen W. Wright
Darrin J. and Kelly D. Wroblewski
William W. and Mardelle J. Wuerger
Erwin Wunn
Michael R. and Tracy L. Yaktus
Kenneth Yarnell
John M. Yogerst
Margaret A. Yost
Gary M. Young and Linda Roberson
Richard and Rena Young
James N. and Nancy G. Youngerman
Sol Zaichick
Thomas A. and Beth J. Zeamer
Yung Zhang
Mary M. Ziegler
Richard J. Ziemann
H. William Zilisch
Frank S. and Diane F. Zillner
Donald L. and Betty Zimmerman
Michael and Gayle Zinda
Zion United Methodist
Craig S. and Sari J. Zirbel
Alvin B. and Donna R. Ziven
Peter and Anne Zouvas
Gary and Charlotte Zuerner
Zurbuchen Oil Inc.
Roger J. and Carla J. Zwickey
Doran and Belva Zwygart



 Additional Donor Listings


We have made every effort to list all $100 and above gifts received during July 1, 2008 - June 30, 2009. If your gift was inadvertently omitted, or if there is an error on our part, we apologize. If you have any questions, please contact Kelly Sitkin, (608) 263-1677 or